Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Bunnygate 2013

T and I have a history with...well...wild life.  Mice, squirrels, you name it...we've had it in our house, this one or the rental before this one.  We recently had three mice in our window well down in our basement last fall.  T had to mercilessly kill these mice, unfortunately, because we couldn't catch them, and two of them were dying if not already dead.  It was gruesome.  So we took the window screen out of the window, and we haven't had any mice since. 
Well yesterday, T noticed a baby bunny down there.  Poor little thing must have fallen in a crack in the grate covering the window well.  I don't might have been with its mommy and gotten lost.  But the poor little guy was stuck down there.  So T is too chicken (sorry, T!), so I was the one left to catch Thumper.  So rather than climb down into the window well, I opted to open the window from down in the basement, reach in with gloves and pick him up.  Ill-advised decision.  I chased him around and around the window well until he leaped over me and into the basement.  I screamed, T jumped back, and the little sucker made its way across the basement and promptly hid under the water heater. 
Getting him out of said water heater was not easy.   We found a curtain rod, and I grabbed our big orange Home Depot bucket.  T took the curtain rod and carefully poked at the bunny as I waited on the other side to throw the bucket on top of him as he ran out the other side.  Yeah, that didn't work.  He made his way past me and into the other corner of the basement behind T's golf clubs.  I moved the golf clubs and threw the bucket down on him as hard and fast as I could, hearing him squeal so I'm sure I hurt him.  I felt bad about that, as T looked at like me like I was flipping crazy.  Anyway, I got the idea to put a cardboard box piece underneath the bucket, and we flipped the bucket over, keeping Mr. Bunny inside.  I ran up the stairs like a mad woman, as T made sure the door was open and then shut before I let the little guy out.  It's a good thing, too, because Thumper ran back towards the house. 
I think at some point before we even tried this animal rescue event, I said "oh he's so cute, can we keep him?"  Yeah, scratch that.  Definitely not how I envisioned spending my Tuesday evening, but what can you do?  Never a dull moment in our house! 
And thus ends Bunnygate 2013.

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