Friday, May 31, 2013

Music lessons for toddlers?

I love my daughter's daycare.  I really do.  She's learning so much there, and I know that she's safe, very well-cared for and happy.  It's one of the better facilities of the state, certified and everything.  But sometimes, I swear, the place takes things too far. 
I'm all for buying supplies for water days - swimming diapers, a swim suit, towel, sunscreen and water shoes.  I get that.  They shouldn't be expected to do anything like that.  And diapers and wipes.  Well, I get the diapers but not really the wipes.  Most kids use the same type of wipes, so isn't that something they could pay for with the astronomical tuition we pay?  But sometimes, I swear...I have a hard time getting what they do. 
When Aubrey was in the infant room, they had a fundraiser where each classroom competed to see who collected the most canned goods.  This fundraiser is a great idea.  In fact it shouldn't really be a fundraiser as much as a food drive, but...I digress.  The prize for the winning classroom?  A pizza party.  Really?  My infant child is going to eat pizza?  Hmm...
They have yearly fundraisers where they sell these pastries that cost $20 on up per tiny pastry.  They say the money is for supplies.  I'm sorry, but aren't you buying supplies with the amount I pay you, an amount so high that it should be criminal?  You need money on top of that? 
(Side note:  It's like when I got a phone call from my hospital's foundation when I was pregnant asking for my charitable support.  I told them I pay enough for my cardiologist and that they should consider that my "donation.")
Anyway, so this morning I get an email titled "Anxiety Music Class for Toddlers." And the sub-title was "Watch me learn to play the violin."  Yes, they are advertising this for toddlers.  Violin lessons.  I am all for Aubrey learning to play the violin.  I played the viola.  But I'd rather she learn to do this when she is old enough to care for an instrument or even say she wants to do it.  The cost for these lessons?  $65 per month.  Holy crap on a cracker. 
So many things wrong with this.  First off, my daughter, like most toddlers is destructive.  She would kill that violin.  It's wood, so immediately it would go in her mouth.  And she's 15 months.  How is she supposed to learn how to play the violin?  How is she supposed to read music?  What would this $65 be going towards exactly?
And "Anxiety Music Lessons?"  Look, I get it.  My daughter will likely get some sort of anxiety genetically from me, but let's not jump ahead here.  She's 15 months old.  I pray she doesn't have anxiety at this young age.  How is music supposed to help that?  And then I go back is my 15 month old going to play the violin? 
I apologize if there are moms out there who are reading this who adamantly disagree with me.  I just find this extremely humorous.  And it's my blog, so.... :-)
Happy Friday, everyone!  Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I was amazed at all the flyers for activities that came home from kindergarten with Turbo. It would be immensely easy to over book a kid. And he was five. For even younger kids, yeah not happening.

  2. That is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard!!! Wow.

  3. WOW!
    I couldn't agree more with you. This is ridiculous!


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