Monday, May 20, 2013

Motivation lost?

Motivation Monday

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you look at your calendar and want to just hide?  Yeah, that's me this week.  I'm more than ready to just skip over this week and not have to do a thing.  But,'s not possible. 

This week I'm looking at working past closing time, conducting legal clinics in outside counties and busting my butt to get two grants completed before Friday.  It's looking a little intimidating.  I'm sure I can get through it, but it's going to take some motivation and focus.  And time.  Last week I did have one good day when I got a ton of things done.  The next day?  Yeah, um, not so much.  I did manage to get two blog posts written and signed up for The Examiner.  Oh and join BlogHer.  But actual work?  I just couldn't bring my mind to do it. 

I wrote a post on BlogHer about my questioning whether I had Adult A.D.D.  Some people joke about that, and I've been known to joke about having A.D.D. before.  But, you know, I'm honestly I do believe there is some truth to it.  Focusing on one specific task at a time is something I've struggled with, not so much as a kid, but it's gotten worse as I've gotten older. 

But, as Sweet Brown says "Ain't nobody got time for that!" 

I've got things to do, money to get, and check marks to be made on my "To do" list.  I'm thinking maybe I can make sure that no matter what I actually do accomplish at least.  I think it's the enormity of the list that gets me.  And the fact that for awhile there, the deadlines were in the distance.  But now they are here.  So it's shit or get off the pot time. 

Personally, I blame Pinterest.

I'm struggling, too, with doing it all.  I've made the decision that I want to get back into writing, which meant reviving my Examiner account, dedicating more time to blogging, but at the same time doing Mary Kay, getting work done, housework done, and more importantly, spending quality time with T and Aubrey.  So.....yeah.  Now that I've just typed all of that, I'm wanting to hide. 

But I can't, I must press on.  And that, my friends, is my motivation this week.  Let's do this!

Since I've talked about it twice now in this post, I am the Examiner writer for the Johnson County Indiana Courts System.  I started this back in 2010 but took a break for medical reasons and then pregnancy reasons and...then for Aubrey.  It got out of hand.  So please, check out my articles if you get a chance.  I'm at:  Click "subscribe" to get notices when stories are out.  I hope to get an additional topic soon - TBA! 


  1. KC just showed me the Sweet Brown thing, lol. Yes, out of all the serious and stress filled things you brought up, THAT I focus on.

  2. I definitely struggle with the focusing on one thing at a time thing, so I'm so there with you on that. And honestly, I don't think there is anything wrong with hiding out every once in a while. Hide out friend - enjoy your family and ignore the rest. At least for a day or two. ;)


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