Thursday, May 2, 2013

Momma time

I took a few hours for myself yesterday.  T and I had plans to take care of a few things, transition conference at Aubrey's daycare and of course, a wonderful and happy topic - executing our will.  So in between those fun appointments, Momma went shopping!  My birthday present was the chance to get some clothes for the summer that actually fit, and I had some money from family, too, so I hit up my two favorite places - Kohls and Target.  I got myself some new Capri's for summer, tops, skirts, and I still have some of my birthday money to spend!  It is kind of nice because none of my summer clothes from years past fit.  Nice and not so nice...I mean, I have no clothes now.  But the reason for it is fine by me!
And I have to say, I enjoyed the hell out of walking around the stores without a one year old fussing constantly and throwing random items out of the cart.  And I actually got to try on clothes, too!  Whoo!  I think someone needs to do little things like this more often, and if it needs to be during the work week, then so be it.  I can gladly make up a few hours here and there for work if that means Mommy gets a sanity break.
I needed it for sure, too, because little miss was so tired when we got home.  Putting her to bed, she reenacted a scene from the Norman Bates movie.  Her liking the baths lately has become hit or miss, and last night she was not having it.  But being a toddler, she's out in the playground more and needs a bath.  But apparently bathing and putting lotion on her equals child abuse.  So this is the conversation we had, as I was clothing her for bed: 
Me to Aubrey as I was getting her dressed for bed tonight: "Look, Aubrey, I know this whole bathing thing is painful and I'm an awful mom for doing this to you. Let's just get through this together right now, and in the morning I'll give you the DCS hot line number. Keep in mind it's a statewide number, but someone will come talk to you locally. You might not have much of a claim because there ...are no outward signs of abuse and neglect. Clearly you are fed, no bruises, you're healthy, and I don't know...I'm not sure use of Johnson and Johnson bedtime lotion is included as abuse. I can check the statute tonight and get back to you, but from my experience, it's normally a good thing when a mom bathes and cares for her child. But I'll leave that to your discretion." (She cries all while I'm doing this, of course).
She was out as soon as her head hit the bed, so I'll give her a break.  Just this once.  Or this week.  We'll see if she follows through on that DCS phone call.  Something tells me when I'm the one with the warm clothes and bottle tomorrow morning, all will be forgotten.


  1. That attention span thing works well with dogs, too.

  2. That's so great that you got to go shopping, by yourself! I love that. What a treat!


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