Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tuesday Random

I'm not in the mood to come up with one of those well though out, creative posts so we're going random with this.  I'm sure I'll come up with some super creative, awesome posts later this week.  But really, any post by me is awesome, so that's just being redundant, right?  Anyway...random...
So T and I had a date night on Saturday.  A honest to God date night.  It was lovely, let me tell you.  We actually hired a sitter, which is a first for us, but I've decided we don't want to solely use family for date nights, since T and I want to make a point out of going on actual dates at least once a month so this makes it much easier.  Aubrey did awesome with it.
This weekend we had to go out, bite the bullet, and buy baby gates.  I know, I know, we should have had them sooner, but our walls are weird in that they are just one inch wider than what the normal gate measures.  So we had to go and buy a special one, of course, which meant more money.  For the past few months we have used our ottoman and a table to blockade the stairs.  It's looked really classy, let me tell you.  But they're up!  And we got the kind that open and shut so I don't have to do that awkward stumbling over the gate thing.  Our kid is a wanderer, so it's a good thing we have them.
Speaking of our kid...she's turned into Donatello from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, seriously.  We use a dowel rod in our screen door as extra protection to lock it.  So she's started taking the thing out and waving it around like she's a ninja.  Hitting the wall, marking things up, you name it.  Take it away from her, and watch out...it's not pretty.  But I keep calling her Donatello, so I'm hoping I'm naming the right turtle.  I think he was the one with the rod thingy, right?  Maybe I need to go Google that. 
And speaking of our back door...looks like we will be getting a new one.  We noticed leaking the other day after it rained, so T had the door installer come out and check it out.  It turns out there is a hole in the door frame, a manufacturer's defect, so it is covered by warranty.  But, having an entire door taken out will be a huge undertaking.  So not looking forward to that. 
I ran this weekend!  After taking almost a week off, I managed to run 30 min on Saturday, bike on Sunday and then ran a 5k on the treadmill on Monday.  So maybe I can get back on track with everything.  My legs were tired about halfway in, so I don't think I'll be taking a week off like that again.  My next mini I'm aiming for is in November.  I have some time, but it gives me a goal! 
So anyway, that's all I have for now.  I'm tapped for ideas.  But I'll have my normal brilliance tomorrow, promise!  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend!  Here's to a short work week!


  1. A short week makes it that much easier to go to work.
    Hope the door changing goes smoothly.

  2. Who remembers their names? There was Rigatoni, Lamborghini, Alfredo...


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