Monday, August 5, 2013

About the Facebook

As of last week, I'm officially off the Facebook.  I'm not sure why I like calling it "the" Facebook, but anyway, neither here nor there.  It is funny because I've slowly started getting emails and texts from families and friends wondering 1) if I blocked them or 2) if I am going through some kind of mental breakdown.  No, neither of those.  It's just annoying when something that is actually very pointless on a personal nature takes up so much of your time.  And it's how you stay connected to people.  I need to become a better friend with emailing, writing, calling or hell...this is a crazy thought...actually seeing people (gasp!).  "Liking" someone's status or commenting on their wall isn't really contact, is it?  But I'm off the Facebook for personal reasons and personal use, and no, I am not one step away from a cabin in the woods.  I swear. 
Here's the rub.  I'm trying to get a freelance writing (part-time) career here, and not utilizing social media to promote what you write, whether it be on blogs or in articles, is ignoring a huge form of media.  I've noticed over the course of a few days of being off of Facebook that my views on The Examiner have gone way, way down.  It has been quite noticeable.  And while, yes, I haven't been writing as much as I was for awhile there due to the whole Mary Kay business I'm trying to clean up, I should still be receiving some kind of traffic (aside from CWMartin who is by far my most loyal and favorite reader).  No traffic equals no visibility as well as no money.  Yeah....that's not a good thing...
So now I'm questioning myself.  Should I have just gone off the grid all together?  It's a double-edged sword.  If I got back on, I'm just going to get sucked back into the black hole that is Facebook.  But if I don't get back on, I'm missing out on a huge way to promote my writing.  Hmmm...
So for those bloggers and fellow writers out there - what do you do?  Do you have a separate account just for your writing?  Kind of like a "business FB account?"  I had pages set up when I was on the Facebook, but they were connected through my personal account.  I don't want that.  So I'm just curious...needing some input.  Should I or shouldn't I? 
But if you want to really be an awesome person (and hey, who doesn't?)  subscribe to my articles - even if you're not in the Indy area, they aren't always local per se.  You may just read about a man assaulting his roommate with a cat.  Yeah, I'm not joking.  Or about a Kenyan attorney who is trying to get Jesus's conviction overturned 2,000 years later.  So, if you want to subscribe, you can click on my profile here and subscribe separately to the three topics I'm assigned.  You'd be helping me out and might learn something new! 
So opinions, people, I need opinions! 
Damn you, the Facebook! 


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  2. I think that having a "professional" FB account is a really good idea. Many, many people I know do that. This way they keep their personal and working lives separate.

    I know what you mean about getting sucked in - I find that there are times when I need to take a full break. And you know what? Life goes on! GASP! ;)

    You're so right to be stepping back from things that aren't serving you. I'm so, so sorry to hear about Mary Kay - what an unbelievable mess that company must be to operate like that! It's shameful. But at least you're getting out of it before things get worse for you. Take it easy on yourself, okay? Everyone makes mistakes. Be proud of yourself for stepping up, telling the truth, working it out and now taking the steps you need to take to move on.


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