Wednesday, August 14, 2013

No cancer!

So yesterday....yeah, that happened.
I would have put this post as one for Wordless Wednesday titled as one thing - fear:
This is me right before I had to wait 45 minutes to get my ultrasound.  Yeah, you can see the fear in my eyes.  I was freaking out. 
You know, ultrasound techs are not supposed to really say anything to you about what they are doing or seeing.  I've tried digging for information from techs when I have had tests done on my heart, unsuccessfully, of course.  This tech examined me before doing the ultrasound only to say that I felt modular or when I asked her what in God's name that meant - she felt a lot of lumps.  Way to start off, lady.  So she did the thing, left me in the room to flip out and had the radiologist look at the pictures.  She came back in, said the ultrasound came back negative, but then confused the hell out of me about whether I needed further testing and whether I should ask my doctor.  I left more frustrated than when I went in and lost it right about the time I got to the car.  Of course I called the doctor's office freaking out on the nurse who must have passed that along to the doctor who called me in the evening to reassure me that everything came back clear and that the tech shouldn't have said a thing.  I just need to keep an eye on it.  And likely get a mammogram when I'm 35, which is young, history.  Alas. cancer or cyst!
Let me say that again - no cancer!
There is one thing I learned from all of this - check yourself monthly.  Seriously, ladies, because you never know.  And catching something early is so much better than not at all. 
While I didn't hear the bad c-word, I did get the other one...cavities.  Yeah, three of them. Dammit.  What a way to start a day of sucking, right?  I was kind of worried that it was a precursor of things to come, but luckily, it was not.  I'll take cavities any day, seriously. 
Ok, so no more medical stuff for the rest of the year, okay?  (I'm saying that to the Big Man upstairs, just in case we are not on the same page.)


  1. I was thinking that the tech should not have said anything but "got it." I am so happy for you that everything is clear and there is no cancer!

  2. Yay! So happy for you - except for the cavities. I'm right there with you - it seems every time I got to the dentist, I have to have more work done. Just waiting for the big root canal to happen because I know I am doomed to the reality of it. But for the lack of the other C-word - AWESOME!

  3. Just as long as you're okay...


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