Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Random pictures

I am short on content today (sorry, everyone!)  Well, not really because I know certain readers (cough, cough, Sarah) love the pictures, so here are a few from recent weeks.  I'll be back with something of more substance tomorrow!
Me attempting to take a picture with Aubrey....yeah, taking a picture with a mobile and very curious 18 month old does not work so well. 

But I do like this last one.  Mommy and her girl.  And then, her girl decided to go through all of the diapers and toss them all over the floor.  Oh, Aubrey....

Aubrey has a baby doll that she got from her Aunt Andrea, and she just loves it.  "Baby, baby, baby" she says over and over again.  She has to kiss her, she has me wrap her up in a blanket, and recently, she felt that baby needed a diaper, too. 

This last weekend she was very into books and sitting in our laps to be read to.  I think I read "Fox in Socks" somewhere around seven times.  I was to the point where I wasn't getting tongue-twisted with the verses, and well...that's sad.  But here's a shot of Aubrey and her Daddy...it's striking just how similar they are.

Miss Aubrey enjoyed her applesauce so much she felt it would go very well on her head.


And here we go random...

I know that Pitbull was working with a lot of artists and all (In my opinion he's the JaRule of today's generation), but man, I didn't know he has these kinds of connections. 

I have found what I'm getting T and saving this for Father's Day next year.  One word:  hot.

And we will end with a picture from our date night a couple weeks ago...no, we totally did not have a few glasses of wine at this point.

Alrighty, there you go - pictures, lots of pictures!  I'll be back with content later, lots of content! 


  1. Applesauce on the head... a cool, refreshing, wonderful way to enjoy dessert!


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