Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Randoms and Mr. Brian Williams

So I've got nothing yet again today....mostly because I'm sitting here just an hour after getting three cavities filled, I can't feel anything on my lower jaw and can barely talk, let alone eat or drink.  It doesn't affect my ability to think or write coherently,, I don't feel like it.  So you get random thoughts from Nain this fine Friday - Enjoy!
Okay, so I know I'm not the only one who hates the dentist, right?  Not the actual person (I love my dentist, he's a great guy) but the whole process.  I mean really, it's odd the things they do to you, especially when filling your teeth.  The instruments that get stuck in your's just odd.  At one point I had two of these metal things that can only be described as medieval torture devices, clamping down on two different teeth and sticking out as the hygienist kept trying to get me to open wider, which, at that point was an impossibility, and here she is putting this disgusting goo on my teeth, shining some light on it and grinding it down.  I think I may have nightmares about this tonight.  It's 5:00 when I'm writing this, I have no feeling on my bottom half and can barely talk, and dammit, I want a drink.  It's okay to drink wine out of a sippy cup, right?  Aubrey won't mind.  Or maybe a straw.  That probably is little less CHINS mommy.
So I lost my battle with the coffee stains today.  They are faint, but they are there.  So we will be renting a carpet shampooer.  Dammit.  I thought I could do it.  But I scrubbed so much that a little part of the carpet is now bare.  So I decided to raise the white flag and call victory to the coffee stain.  Lesson learned - do what my parents taught me and keep the drinks and food in the kitchen.  But oh, I love my coffee.  Maybe I need to put it in one of Aubrey's no-spill sippy cups.  She won't mind. 
It's nice that we have a holiday weekend coming up, but this one will be a little different for us.  My cousin is getting married on Sunday so we'll be headed to the Haute (as in Terre Haute) for Sunday and Monday.  This will be my first wedding with a kiddo with me, so I'm thinking the open bar experience may be ever so different.  But I am packing a bottle of wine for T and myself to have at the hotel after we put the little girl to sleep. 
Speaking of sleep....little miss is not getting much lately.  She's getting her canines, and man, teething...not fun.  She's only got one of the four poking through so God help us with the others. 
That and we were told today that apparently Aubrey is not getting along with a specific girl in the class.  Every time they are around each other, they swat at each other and scream.  I mean, really?  Already?  Wasn't this supposed to wait until middle school.  I don't want my kid to become one of the mean girls.  So it looks like Paris has a Nicole in that, wait, I don't want to compare my child to either of those.  She has a frenemy.  That's what I was getting at. 
I am kind of curious, as it is now 5:30 how I will be eating tonight.  This guy numbed me up pretty well.  And it doesn't seem to be going down.  Well, liquid dinner it is!
Alright, I'm out.  Oh wait, no, I'll share this...T knows my love for Mr. Brian Williams, so he found these skits that Jimmy Fallon is doing where they splice together video to make it sound like "Bri Wi" is rapping.  This is my favorite :-)



  1. Not a fan of the dentist here either. If you have never heard or seen Bill Cosby's comic routine on Dentists, you should You Tube it--it is hilarious.

  2. Oh the dentist... I have an appointment in a month, and I just know it will be bad. He referred me to a specialist that I haven't been to, so that will be fun. And thank you for another Bri Wi video. I hadn't seen that one, but love it!


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