Monday, August 26, 2013


Sorry I have been MIA for the past few days....last week was just, well, one of those weeks.  Little Miss Aub was sick a lot during the week with a terrible cold, combined with teething and the projectile vomiting in T's car just as we were starting our commute back home on Wednesday and then my brand new car needing to be taken into fix a rather huge manufacturer's defect....well, it was one gigantic suck fest.  All around.  At least the car was fixed rather easily.  But the cleaning off of your daughter and stripping her down to nothing but a diaper while T mops up puke with napkins outside a Burger King on the exit of I-65 and then driving 45 minutes home with said hysterical child and the car smelling like...well, I'm sure you can imagine, and then cleaning it all up after we put the poor kid to bed.  Rough week.
So here's to a better one, right?  Right?  We're not 100 percent sure yet but hey, fall is coming soon so let's look forward to everything that glorious time of year brings! 
Just a look ahead at the week...lots of non-profit training, 3 cavities getting filled on Thursday (boo!), and and lots of writing as I have several assignments due by week's end.  That is kind of exciting as I'll be getting published more than I have been so I'm definitely excited about things to come. 
Aside from the week ahead, I have to ask how many of you really watch the VMA's?  Because all I see on my news feed this morning is Miley Cyrus, someone who doesn't really deserve that much attention, and I'm not even going to attempt to watch the performance everyone is talking about on my work computer.  I do love the picture of Will Smith and his family reacting to it.  But why do they still have this awards show when they don't really show music videos?  Because it is the Video Music Awards, right?  Where do they show videos anymore?  Now I sound like an old person but...I do miss the days of actually seeing music videos and watching Beavis and Butthead make fun of them.  OH, those were the days....and I'm not even sure Miley Cyrus, considering I'm not sure how old she is, was born.  And hell to the no will Aubrey be into music like that as a kid.  I remember my niece being into Hannah Montana, and well...look at what we have now.  Ick.
Ok, off to start the busy week, ending with 3 cavities!  Happy Monday, everyone!


  1. Hope it's a healthy week for all of you!

  2. ProjVomit, always so much fun... KC was an expert, hitting me from a yard away 12 hours after birth and continuing to do so until he switched to solid food.


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