Thursday, August 1, 2013

Going cold turkey

I've talked about doing it. T's done it and has been happy ever since, and yesterday, I made the decision.  I'm off the Facebook. 
How sad is it that that is even a big deal?  I mean really, how much does that say about how much control a form of social media has over my life? 
With the new revelations about Mary Kay and moving on from that, I've decided that I am going to cut other negative avenues from my life. While FB is not really always has its upsides - staying in touch with family and friends, seeing cute pictures of relatives' kiddos, reading about people's good has its downsides, too - getting sucked into political arguments, all of the negativity some people put out there, and well, staying connected to people you don't necessarily want to see.  Even if you "unfriend" a person, there's still that nagging temptation to just see what they are doing.  And let's just say there is someone in my life or who was in my life like that.  And I'm not sure I really want to even be tempted to see what she's doing.  So I'm off the grid for now.  And honestly, I'm not even off completely.  I mean, there's the blog, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and it's not like I'm going all Henry David Thoreau on you.  I'm just taking a step back from Facebook. 
I don't want to be that person.  You know who I'm talking about.  That person who is out with a group of friends and family and is glued to their phone, scrolling down through their FB feed?  That person who only finds out what is going on in someone's life because of their FB status?  That mom who is on the playground with her child, checking FB, rather than enjoying the time she has with her child?  I don't want to become that person, and I felt like I was becoming that person. 
I swear, I'm not going off the deep end here with completely ridding myself of Mary Kay, getting off Facebook...I swear, I'm not one step away from going to live as a recluse in a cabin in the woods.  I'm just taking a step back and pushing away a few of the things, annoying things, in my life that were taking up entirely too much of my time, attention and worry. 
So sorry for those of you who I am "friends" with on FB.  I'll still be on Twitter, and're just going to have to keep coming back here to see what's new in the world of Nain, T, and Aubrey, huh? 
Starting tomorrow?  I'm going to completely rid myself of the cell phone and go land line only.  Ha, I kid, I kid....


  1. A good choice for getting rid of stress. Now, if you'd just block me... (JK)

  2. I have this thing for guys who are off the grid, completely. It isn't even intentional, and I don't know how I am drawn to these men, but - every single one of my significant relationships has been with men who have never participated in any kind of social networking at all. I've always been a little jealous, and honestly - I really think I could do the same myself. If only so much of what I do now as a business wasn't so intricately tied to social networking. Sigh... Either way though, it can be done. I know it can be. I've dated guys who have proven life goes on even without people "liking" your ever thought. You've got this lady!

  3. This is a big step! You will totally be fine without FB.... We give it way to much power. Good for you :)


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