Wednesday, August 28, 2013

News you can use

So I haven't been posting on my blog as often as I should or giving as much content as I should, but that isn't without reason.  I've been fairly busy writing in other areas...not all of them yet published, however.  I believe my first article is due to be published mid-September.   However, over at ModVive I have written quite a bit.  I still have SIF to thank for referring me because I love writing opinion pieces for them.  It's my first step into being all "controversial" and what not.  (whoo controversy!)
The one piece I'm surprised hasn't received comments and I'd likely get some journalistic flack for is an article I've written on the U.S. v. Sterling case that recently was published in July.  While it really is a case on a former CIA agent releasing highly confidential information illegally to a reporter who then published this information in a book, the focus was not really on the CIA agent, but rather the reporter.  The court tried to get the reporter to testify regarding his conversations with Sterling and he claimed he couldn't be forced to testify due to reporter-source confidentiality privilege.  I was asked to give my view on it, and my opinion did not coincide with what most journalists would say.  I have that whole lawyer-journalist conflict in my mind, I suppose.  You'll have to read it to see why, though.  No spoilers, sorry!
Another article I wrote was on a series of tragic events that have played out in the news with murders where the suspects claimed they killed because "they were bored."  It's disgusting.  It happened to a young girl recently in rural Indiana where two men decided "hey, you know what we should do - see if we can rape and murder someone" and randomly picked a poor girl to be their victim.  It's just disgusting.  I'm not sure what is wrong with people. 
And there's my new obsession with the show Locked Up.  Unlike other members of my family, I prefer to see documentaries of real criminals behind bars.  It's pretty shocking what is allowed behind bars and how much criminals can get away with. And to hear them complain about prison food?  Really?  That food isn't gourmet enough for you?  Well, I'm sorry...we'll get Gordon Ramsey on there ASAP. 
Local news-wise on the Examiner - some very intelligent person decided to leave a package of CDs for their mother who worked at the county courthouse on the steps of the courthouse at midnight, wrapped in newspaper and tied with a bow.  Yep, no reason for that to cause a huge bomb scare or anything.  I wonder what CDs they were - Ke$ha maybe?  Or the attorney who was suspended from practicing law for beating up his client in the courtroom?  Oh, Indiana news, you never fail me...
I will definitely try to not beat up my client the next time I'm in court.


  1. Totally in the same boat friend - taking on those other writing endeavors just sometimes means letting the blog drop a bit. All for a good cause though! ;)

  2. I also puzzled over the brains it took to do a transfer like that at a public building. If it wasn't for the criminally sick and stupid, the other 25 of us would be better off...


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