Sunday, April 3, 2011

I am still alive, I swear!

Sorry I've been MIA!  I promise to be back this week with lots of posts, but for now...check this puppy's my brand spanking new kitchen!  (appliances and all!)  Isn't it beautiful?

Needless to say....I can't wait until we move in - just two more weeks!  They just have the finishing touches to do next week before we close on April 13th!  Yay!

And since tomorrow is Monday...don't forget...that means it's Motivation Monday!  Be ready with your motivating posts!!!

Motivation Monday



  1. I'm torn between abject jealousy and total happiness for you! ;)

  2. Love that kitchen! So awesome that it is huge, it always seems that is where everyone ends up when you entertain. I bet you can't wait to have a house warming party!! How fun!

  3. ::dies of envy of your glorious kitchen::


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