Friday, April 29, 2011

I love a good romance

I am not ashamed to admit this, but while I didn't get up at 4:00 a.m. to watch the entire royal wedding, I did watch the parts that were going on after I got up at 6:30.  Yes, I was sucked in.  I mean, I was a little tired of the pre-wedding coverage and the whole "what she will she wear?"  "What if he drops the ring?"  "What will the royal wedding souvenir be?"  That got old about one day after their engagement.  But the wedding....that's a whole different picture.
I can't help but watch because ultimately, it comes down to a couple, two people who are deeply in love with each other, wanting to get married and spend the rest of their lives together.  It's hard not to smile as you see Kate walk down the aisle, watch them sit nervously on the altar, glancing at each other and smile.  It's hard not to notice the sense of relief you can see on both of their faces after they are pronounced husband and wife and make their way down the aisle.  You can really see the happiness and love on their faces as they ride in the carriage and make their way to the Buckingham Palace.  That is the part that drew me in.  And I'm not ashamed to admit it.
I think it's funny that no matter who you are, you still get those butterflies and still go through many of the same feelings during your own wedding.  My birthday present from T was this beautifully put together wedding album he created for me, and as I look through those pictures, it's hard not to see similarities between the two.  And no, our wedding was nowhere near as fancy and formal as theirs, which, yeah, is a given.  But the love.  The emotion.  The anticipation.  I can relate. 
I looked through those photos this morning, pictures of me walking down the aisle, and you can see the look of happiness but also that "I'm trying so hard not to cry" look in my eyes, as I hold my father's arm.  I smiled at the pictures of T and I sitting on the altar, holding hands and glancing at each other throughout the readings and sermon given by the priest.  Looking at all of those pictures, it takes me back to that day.  And watching these two people, so deeply in love, pledge their lives to each other?  I can't help but be brought back to that day, too.
So there you have it....I did it.  I watched the royal wedding.  And I'm not ashamed.
Because who doesn't love a good romance?


  1. I love a good romance too!!
    At first I didn't care about the Royal Wedding, but today I was hooked.
    I admit it: I watched the whole wedding and enjoyed because it made me remember all those feelings and emotions I felt back in November.
    It's something I could also relate.

  2. I wasn't able to watch the royal wedding, but I did catch a glimpse of it all over the news at work. However, you're definitely right who doesn't love a good romance too! It's definitely a fairytale story too for a lucky young woman to be married into royalty which makes it even better of a story. I'm not married so I can't quite relate to the feeling you get in comparison with the royal wedding, but I'm sure one day I'll feel that too!


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