Friday, April 22, 2011

Try a little harder next time

The job market is tough.  I get it.  But as I find myself in a position where I'm looking for employees and receiving applications for open positions, I'm definitely surprised by what I find. 

Without going into too much detail, as you know me and how I like to keep the work stuff private but this was just too much...

The other day I get my mail, and on top of it is this piece of printer paper.  On the paper is a note written in blue ink and printed in all caps.  And the letter said:

"Just graduated from law school.  Am currently working at Starbucks and looking for job.  Need legal experience.  Would be like to work Wednesdays and possibly Thursday afternoons.  My email is (insert email here) and phone number is (insert phone number here).  If you need my resume', let me know.  Signed, Inexperienced applicant.  (That really wasn't his name, but that's what I was thinking at the time...)

Apparently this was shoved under our office door, and our office manager found it in the morning.  I started at it for a few minutes, thinking "surely, this is a joke."  But no, this sad guy actually thought this would be a good idea.  I mean, come on...I know I run a legal aid agency, so it's not like this is high corporate law or anything....but wouldn't that at least call for a typed letter and, I don't know, a resume'? 

Part of me wanted to go to Starbucks, find this man and write no on the note and hand it back to him.  But that would just be cruel.  Regardless, I'm keeping this one on my desk in case I need a laugh from time to time....



  1. Someone who went to law school should know how to write a better cover letter than that. Just terrible.

  2. Hilarious! I, too, get to look at resumes and cover letters and am always shocked by what people think is relevant or appropriate. Or the fact that so many people don't use spell check! That's my biggest thing, especially as an English major!

  3. Oh my goodness! Surely his school could help him work his resume' and cover letter. A hand scrawled letter is not the way to go about it, even McDonald's won't accept that kind of thing!!

  4. I used to work in a restaurant where I couldn't believe how many people would come in, ask for an application then ask for a pen to fill it out. I would always give them a pencil as to flag the application showing how unprepared the person was. Many also come in during peak busy hours looking for a job, you quickly realize they are not smart enough for this position. :)

    I expect a resume for a restaurant position, I can't believe that person didn't bother providing one for a legal job. You would think someone that went through law school would be much smarter!

  5. I wonder if they really did go to law school... because I would think they would know better, or at least include a resume. Haha

  6. I'm cracking up right now! You know I don't talk much about my work either, but suffice it to say - I could have written this post myself!

  7. It's hilarious! ... but at the same time I feel sorry for that guy!


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