Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

This can't be completely wordless because it does need explanation...on Easter, there was about an hour or so when I needed to entertain Roo while her mom was out, and this is the result of it:


I found a box of my sister and my old Barbies from the 80s.  I thought this guy looked like Pauly D.  So these are my Jersey Shore Barbie and Ken dolls out fist-pumpin' at the club.  They were getting their GTL on.  And yes, Roo and I took them to "the club." 

I can neither confirm nor deny that I may be a negative influence on my niece :-)



  1. bahaha
    too funny!!
    Can you believe I didn't like to play with Barbies?
    I used to give them to my brother, who killed them with his Action Man.

  2. Oh, Barbie... The only girl I know who could pull off the fuschia knee boots. Love the fist pump action!

  3. this barbie looks like a blonde Snookie...too much time in the tanning bed! :-)

  4. Oh hahaha Jersey Shore Barbie!

  5. Do I see a Rockers tee on Pauly D...I mean, Ken? As in Barbie and the Rockers? I totally had them!

    You are seriously cracking me up over here - I love that they went to the club! You should have made a little "Karma" sign, that would have completed the fantasy!

  6. BAHAHAHA. That is so true, too! They totally are rockin' the Jersey Shore style. Ohhh, how I miss the 80's. When I could walk outside in an outfit like her's and it would be cool.

  7. Hahaha! Marvelous. That sounds like you and Roo had a good time :-)


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