Thursday, December 15, 2011

Be careful...she can hear you!

So it's become more apparent to me each day, that Half-pint is able to hear things on the outside.  I'm sure she can't understand words, even though I like to think that she can, but she hears voices and loud noises.  And it's so cute how she reacts to them.

She is not a big fan of loud noises.  After my baby shower the other day, my dad was helping my sister take decorations down, and being a man, of course, he decided to go the destructive route by popping balloons.  As soon as he popped the first one, I get a pretty strong kick from baby girl.  Second one, another kick.  I finally had to tell Grandpa to cut it out.  She wasn't enjoying the noise.  Last night, T was trying to fix something in our garbage disposal, and he put several cubes of ice down there to grind which made a loud noise, too.  Again with the strong kick.   These boys need to learn to stop disturbing her! 

She's recognizing T's voice, too.  There's no way that she's not. All he has to do is talk near my stomach, saying her name, and she automatically reacts with a kick.  It is one of the sweetest things ever.  The other day, we were relaxing and unwinding from a particular stressful day.  T puts his arm around me saying "you're my best friend and I love you more than anything in the world."  (Sweet, right?  I have a good one!)  And as if she could hear him and felt left out, she responds with two kicks, and pretty strong ones at that.  We both started laughing, and of course, he had to reassure her that he loves her, too, more than anything in the world.  Not sure if she actually heard it or if it was a coincidence, but it was still hilarious. 

She also responds to Mommy and when I'm worried.  I'm sure there's some way in there she can sense my stress, even though I try my best to keep that down so that she doesn't get all agitated.  But there's not always a way around it.  As I get farther along in my pregnancy and closer to the big day, I worry.  I worry about how everything will go.  I worry about my heart and how things will be with that.  I worry about her health and whether she'll inherit a defect similar to my own.  I expressed these feelings to T the other day, telling him how scared I was, and of course, she responds at the right moment with several kicks.  It's as if she was saying "It's okay, Mommy...don't worry."  Maybe she can sense my concerns, maybe she can't.  But it is reassuring when I feel her little kick, and it reminds me that this really is all about her and we couldn't be more blessed. 

 I can hardly believe that we're at 30 weeks this week.  If I go the full term, as the doctor would prefer, before my c-section, that means I only have 9 weeks to go.  That being said, they still monitor my blood pressure, monitor her little heart rate and we never know...she may grace us sooner rather than later.  But regardless, our little miracle will be here before you know.  So I better get used to that careful, she can hear you! 


  1. Very sweet! Near the end of my pregnancy with Sprite, John would put his hands on my belly while I was sleeping and talk to her. She would kick out and they just had their own conversation. Sometimes, it would wake me up, but John treasured those rare moments when I was "out of the picture" and it was just him and her. :-)

  2. Yes, they can SO totally hear you. With each of ours hubby would say the abc's to them each night and I would read and book and rub my belly. I really think that is one of the reasons that to this day every one of my girls LOVES to read!


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