Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas celebration

Every year, T and I make it a point to go out, just the two of us, before Christmas.  Our normal tradition ( like last year) we usually go out, stay out all night and partake in a few beverages. However, being close to 8 months pregnant, not being able to walk without looking like I'm waddling and well...not being able to drink and the fact that having an 8 month pregnant woman in a smoke-filled bar just doesn't seem like fun, we had to make this year's outing a little more PG.  And no staying the night downtown, but we still had a very nice time. 

This year, we decided to make reservations for two at Buca di Bepo (one of my favorites).  For those of my friends who don't live in the States and may not be familiar with the restaurant, it's a family-style restaurant, where you order food platters to share, and you always walk away with a ton of leftovers.  We went there for our rehearsal dinner, too.  The only thing that sucked is I couldn't partake in the Chianti with T, but I settled for a nice Italian soda.  We got chicken parmesan and baked rigatoni, both of which were absolutely delicious.  I think I ate more than I have this entire pregnancy.  And it was well worth it, believe me.  We even order some canolis for dessert.  Delicious.  All of it. 

Afterwards, we decided to head to the circle downtown and check out the tree of lights display they do with the monument.  As you may or may not remember, this is the same spot were T proposed July 4, 2009, so it's a special place for us.  It was closed all summer for renovations so this was our first time back there in over a year.


The cell phone photos don't do it justice because I think it's pretty cool.  The place was packed but we took a nice walk around the Circle and got the chance to chat.  With how crazy everything has been with work and family, it was nice to just reconnect and relax for a change.  You know, with all of the holiday family festivities coming up? 

So while, yes, it wasn't as crazy as our normal celebrations, it was a fun and memorable one nonetheless.  And it was probably one of the only times T and I will get to ourselves this Christmas. 

I'll just keep these wonderful memories in mind as I get crazy stressed these next few weeks, right? 



  1. So good that you guys got out together while your little one is still easy to take with.
    Nick and I were going to before I had Turbo. About two weeks before my due date we were going to go out for a nice afternoon, have a good dinner and all. But Turbo decided that he wanted to make his debut that day.

  2. Just think, next year, you'll have a little baby girl sitting in a high chair at the restaurant as you pinch off little pieces of spaghetti to feed her and then take the stroller downtown for some light gazing. Enjoy this holiday!

  3. LOVE Buca di Beppo. I was just telling my family about how awesome it is today (there isn't one where they live). Ahh it's so good! Glad you had a nice evening out.


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