Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Small Treasure Tuesday

Happy Small Treasure Tuesday, everyone!  Thank you to Chantel at My Thoughts and Treasures for hosting this awesome opportunity to share treasures in our lives.   My treasure this week is the time I got to spend with just T on Saturday in our annual night on the town. 

It is a tradition we started back in 2008 when we first started dating, and it's one we'd like to keep going.  With the rush and craziness that can come with the holidays, in trying to budget time to spend with each family, getting Christmas cards out on time, Christmas shopping done, and pretty much everything else leading up to the big day, we try to take one night out in December where we forget all of that and just spend time having fun, the two of us.  We didn't get to do this last year because of the wedding planning, unfortunately, but we were able to do it this year.  So we headed downtown, checked in at our room at the Omni, and went out in the cold to have a little fun. 

Our first stop was dinner at The Claddaugh, an Irish pub located across from our hotel.  I have to say, I think going to Dublin has made T and me Ireland snobs because we were commenting on how things just weren't the same...the food, the Guinness, the music...nothing can live up to what we experienced in Dublin.  But, alas, we made the best of it, and we did so with this:


If you are not familiar with this beverage, let me introduce you to the Irish Car Bomb.  We enjoyed several of these over the course of the evening.  It's about a third of a pint of Guinness and a shot of Bailey's Irish Cream.  You drop the shot glass in the pint glass of Guinness and chug it as fast as you can.  The reason?  The Bailey's mixes quickly with the Guinness and it will curdle if you take too long.  Going down it tastes like chocolate milk, and damn, the stuff is delicious.  And has a bit of a kick that hits you later.  But it was all in good fun.  I may or may not have beaten T in the first one we did.   I shouldn't be surprised...I did go to college at a Big Ten School.  I have been taught well.

I may have also gotten a little cocky over my victory.  But it was all in good fun....

T knows I love him, regardless of the fact that his 5'1" wife can keep up with him drink for drink throughout the course of the night.

He didn't take the loss so well at first, but....

He came around.  We hit another bar called Ike & Jonsey's, which is where these pictures were taken, but the place was kind of depressing.  Lots of older gentlemen (divorcee's I'm sure) hitting on shot girls who have no interest in them other than to just tell them about the nasty product they are promoting.  The shot girls stopped and chatted with us for a second about their new drink, but I think they must have noticed we were an old, boring married couple because rather than telling us what kinds of drinks you could have with their product, they said you could use it in your cooking.  "It goes great with chicken," this blonde shot girl said.  Um, yeah...do we look that boring and settled?  Ouch.

We stayed there for maybe a drink and headed to another fun bar called Cadillac Ranch.  I went there for my bachelorette, and I knew it was a fun place (a little less depressing than the previous bar) so we walked there.  I scored us a nice booth, and we settled in, making fun of the douches around us and having a great time. 


Highlights of the evening?  When T went to the restroom at one point towards the end of the night, apparently (I don't remember this 100% clearly) some douchey guy tried to pick me up by asking "where are your friends?"  I responded "Oh, my husband is in the bathroom..."  I guess he felt bad and came back when I had to use the restroom and apologized to T.  He found it funny.  Apparently the guy thought he had a chance if I wasn't married.  Um...yeah...nope.  Pretty much no chance in hell.  Don't walk up to me with some lame pick up line, drinking a Bud Light in an aluminum bottle, wearing a tight Ed Hardy t-shirt with gel in your hair.  Not gonna happen. 

Also, as the night went on, they started playing "Single Ladies" by Beyonce.  T found this humorous and said that "Yes, I did like it.  And I put two Tiffany rings on it.  Is that good enough for you, Beyonce?"  I found that hilarious as can be, but I can neither confirm or deny that the 3rd Irish Car Bomb we had right before that may have contributed to the hilarity of the situation. 

It was fun to just let loose for a night and not worry about anything.  Of course, it hit me a little harder the next morning than nights out like that had in years past.  Let's just say I'm not 21 anymore....but it was fun...Can't wait until next year!

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  1. You two are so cute together! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!

  2. I absolutely love that she told you it went well in cooking - hilarious! Those silly, silly bar girls, clearly don't know wild married couples when they see them!

  3. You took him on drink for drink? NICE!

  4. What a fun night! You guys are absolutely adorable!

  5. haha that sounds like a fun night! and I'm not at all surprised that you 1) got hit on and 2) were able to outdrink your hubby ;-) you're just that awesome.

    Thank you so much for writing this and always supporting Small Treasure Tuesdays! You're great. I finally got the linky up :-)

  6. I wish you the merriest of Christmases!


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