Friday, December 16, 2011

One step forward, two steps back

I have been one gigantic slacker this Christmas season.  Sure, not a full-blown slacker in that absolutely nothing is done on my list, but a slacker for me.  The process of getting Christmas cards out to everyone, something that I pride myself on doing the weekend after Thanksgiving, took forever, and I found myself sending them out even this week.  But the worst thing?  Christmas presents.  Not even bought.  Shoot. 

I'm going to go with what I've been using to blame everything else on and say that it's pregnancy brain causing my apathy.  Either that, or I'm becoming a man, and I'm going to wait until Christmas Eve to purchase my presents and wrap them.  But since I'm carrying a 3 lb baby in my uterus currently, I don't think I can claim becoming a man so pregnancy brain it is! 

It isn't to say I haven't tried...somewhat.  Last week, I did finally go to and ordered my parent's presents, as well as my niece Roo's gift.  I was quite proud of myself.  Shipping was free for purchases over $50, and I had a 20% discount.  Go me!  So to meet that minimum, I decided to throw in three things for Baby Girl.  I placed the order and gave myself a pat on the back for finally getting started in my shopping.  Of course, I did note that the delivery date was something like December 22nd, but hey, I could still have time to wrap the presents when they arrived.  I had the 23rd off, after all...

Until yesterday...I get this email from Kohls saying that only part of my order has been included my dad's present and the three outfits for Half-pint.  Um, okay, that's great but those three extra outfits were just thrown in there for the heck of it.  Surely the rest would come soon?  Nope.  I get another email just ten minutes later.  My order has been modified, and those two items...cancelled.  Really?  They can just do that? 

So now I'm back to square one.  And I have one weekend left to get this stuff.  And gifts for my employees.  And finish wrapping presents and everything.  Damn you, Kohls, damn you. 

I may have to become one of those people who starts buying presents in October next year.    Because Santa will be visiting our house next year, too, and I totally can't slack for Half-pint. 

I wonder if they'll all be okay taking some Mary Kay instead?  :-)

Update!  Kohls, are you reading this blog?  Right after I posted this, I get an email from Kohls with a $20 gift certificate code to be redeemed before December 24th.   BUT, I'm still irritated I have to actually go out and buy the gifts I ordered.  However, the $20 does make it somewhat better...


  1. Oh, I'm sorry!
    Can't you do anything at all?
    I mean... you're a lawyer. Maybe you could threaten to sue them or something?? ;-) Just saying...
    Well, I still have to find a present for my brother... Ugh. And I started to buy Christmas presents in October... But it's been useless. I still have no idea what to buy for him. I wish Santa Claus really existed. Then I wouldn't have to worry about this.

  2. Haha, Chloe, I love your comment. You are funny. I like Kohl's because they have decent enough prices, but sometimes their methods seem a little strange to me. It's nice that they gave you the $20 though.

  3. Boo on them for cancelling your order but saving another $20 totally rocks!


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