Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Random post

I have to really kick myself into gear here to be a better blogger...the year is only just 17 days young, and I'm slacking majorly in the consistently posting department.  Sorry, guys!  I'm running low on fumes today, mainly to this yucky Indiana weather and the 10 plus hours I worked yesterday, so...you get a random post from me this fine Tuesday - enjoy!

Yesterday was the culmination of months of planning a huge event for my agency.  It's called Talk to a Lawyer, held annually all over the state, and I had sites up and running for it in all of my 5 counties.  Attorneys basically donate their time and give free legal consultations all day for anyone who comes in or calls our offices.  It took a ton of planning, marketing, coordinating, and all the while, I was worried Half-pint would make her arrival before the big day.  BUT, she held up her huge end of the bargain, and Mommy was able to successfully put on the event.  So she can come any day now.  With the exception of when the Super Bowl is in town because I still don't know how the logistics of that will work out :-) 

Oops, I just hit publish without finishing the post...doh!  and to continue...

So I worked 10 hours yesterday for the event and worked from home today.  It was a good day to do that, too...rained all morning and now it's ridiculously windy.  So windy in fact that our recylce bin just disappeared.  I seriously don't know where it went.  I drove all over our street trying to find it, and I did come upon a random bin at the end of our circle and took it...didn't seem like it belonged to anyone so here's hoping it's actually ours! 

My size seems to have doubled just in the past week.  People now seem to feel free to make comments about how I look like I'm "about to pop" and then proceed to give opinions on 1) my size and whether I'm having twins; 2) the birth method I have no choice but to go with and 3) the fact I have to formula feed.  Seriously, are no questions off limits?  And when did everyone get medical degrees, allowing them to give opinions on my situation? 

And since I'm on the discussion of gripes about pregnancy...and I swear, this random post was not meant for a venting post, but...I'm 9 months pregnant, so deal with it :-)  I am having an increasingly difficult time with people just blowing over my situation or trying to compare to it.  Why?  What's the point with that?  Or saying "oh, it's not that bad..." when days like last Wednesday at the cardiologist scared me to death or the fact that I constantly worry that my baby won't be okay or I won't be okay after all is said and done.  OR, people saying I have it easy because I am having a c-section.  Last time I checked, major surgery isn't exactly a walk in the park.  Just saying.  And being on three heart medications just to get you through the pregnancy hasn't been easy either.   Sorry.  I guess I needed to vent about that.  My bad....

On a happier note, we did get an adorable outfit from T's mom (Nana) the other day.  His late Grandpa Lou was a huge John Deere fan, and she found the cutest little onesie that says "Dirt Makes me Cuter" and has the John Deere symbol on it with some cute baby jeans.  So freaking cute.  I love folding all of her little clothes, especially baby socks.  So tiny and so so cute.  I'll focus on that when I get frustrated like above. 

Lastly, I do have a new obsession.  I haven't had any cravings this pregnancy at all, but lately, I've had a few.  Root beer.  And chocolate cherry M&Ms.  If you haven't tried them, I highly recommend it.  Yes, I've gone through a bag and a half over the past few weeks.  And yes, today when I was at Walgreesn I bought two more bags.  Only because they were on sale and they are limited edition Valentine's candy.  They're my treat and I deserve them, right?

So this has been your random post from Nain today...with additional pregnancy bitching!  Have a lovely rest of your Tuesday!



  1. Random posts are good - it's good to get things off your chest and out in the open. Congrats on the big project being done, and good luck with ignoring all the unsolicited comments in this last month. Just stay focused on half pint and don't listen to all the naysayers!

  2. I know what you mean! That is the most common complaint among pregnant woman, the unsolicited advice. I always hope people will ask my opinion because I'm chomping at the bit to give it :) Enjoy your M&M's, I've never heard of those but now I want some!! Yum!

  3. You know, you should just translate all the comments into what they REALLY say... "I'm glad it's not me!" If you do that, every comment is just a compliment on the great job you're doing going through it.

  4. WHAT??? Chocolate Cherry M&M's? Those sound fantastic! And I'm not pregnant so I have no excuse for them other than I am really hungry right now.

  5. Chocolate? Cherry? M&M's? Why have I never heard of these??? :)


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