Friday, January 27, 2012

That's what real love is....

Some time ago, T and I found ourselves watching a Dateline episode (I hope I'm getting the right show here...) about Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and the horrible tragedy that took place in Arizona that almost took her life and took the lives of so many others.  The episode went on to follow Gabby in her recovery, showing the trials and adversity she and her husband faced throughout the journey to recovery.  Watching the State of the Union address on Tuesday evening and seeing her in the Congress Chambers and her husband watching proudly from the gallery, I thought again about that episode.  And how that couple truly exemplifies love. 

It was so moving seeing a couple grow stronger by a tragedy.  Here was a man who in one moment thought he lost the love of his life, then realizes he still had her and every day, was at her bed side, supporting her in her recovery.  It's that unconditional love that I think goes so unrecognized these days, and it's that same unconditional love that makes a relationship strong and makes it last. 

I couldn't even begin to imagine what they went through and how hard it was.  I couldn't imagine watching someone you love, someone who has always been so strong and independent suddenly go through something so hard.  How tough it must have been for him to watch her struggle to make those daily accomplishments, those minute tasks we all take for granted but for her were huge hurdles she overcame.  All of a sudden he was the one who needed to carry them both, to be the strong one.  And he did this with such grace and such love.  It was truly something amazing to witness. 

I think we all can learn something from watching a couple as strong as those two.  Too much in my daily life, I know that I personally don't always exemplify that love.  I take it for granted.  But when it gets down to it and when I bring myself back to the day when I stood before my family and friends, looked deeply into T's eyes and pledged my life and love to him, this is what I meant.  This is what "for better, for worse" is all about.  And this is what I want to remind myself of every day as I wake up next to T and every night when I fall asleep next to him.  And every moment in between. 

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  1. They are an inspirational couple. Thank you for the post!


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