Friday, March 15, 2013

Advice from me to you

Second Blooming
This week's Spin Cycle brought to you by Gretchen at Second Blooming is all about advice.  I wasn't sure where to take this one.  I hate getting unsolicited advice, and I'm not sure I have any advice to give.  I mean, I suppose I could give you all free legal advice, but....
So since I don't like taking unsolicited advice, and I prefer to not give it out to others...I will give it to the one person who can't do a darn thing but listen to it.  My daughter.
Oh the things I could tell you....let's start with the basics...
Don't be scared to ride a bike.  Mommy was, and she was pretty much the last kid in school to do it.  It's a lot of fun, and sure, you may fall.  But you pick yourself back up and keep pedalling. 
Don't get gum in your hair.  Ever.  Stay away from cheap gum, too, because that stuff really doesn't get out of hair very easily. 
Don't lie to me.  I'm an attorney.  I'll figure it out, and then you'll be in even bigger trouble. 
Don't be afraid to learn.  Read lots of books.  Learn to love reading.  And keep that love with you through life. 
Don't be afraid to be smart. Don't be afraid to be who you are.  You don't need to make yourself out to be someone who someone else wants you to be.  Who you are is perfect and that's all you should be.
Challenge yourself.  Don't become complacent with anything. 
Don't ask for your Mom's help with math homework.  I can help if Dad's out of town, but you may want to call your Aunt Andrea on that one.  Math isn't your Mom's strong suit. 
Take up hobbies.  Learn to play an instrument or a sport.  And don't just pick one.  Try as many as you like, but once you find one you really do like, make sure you keep it fun.  Don't make it a chore, keep it enjoyable.
Always open bathroom doors with your shirt or back.  Not everyone washes their hands.  It's gross, I know, but some people just are gross. 
If you have to stop to use the restroom on a road trip, never EVER use a gas station bathroom that has an entrance outside.  It's gross.
Don't settle.  And that applies to everything.  Don't settle to be just "okay."  Don't settle on love.  Don't settle on a career.  Don't settle on an item you order at a restaurant.  If you want that pricier item, get it.  Don't get the same old thing just because it's safe. 
Don't let your Mom teach you how to park.
If you are in the car with your Mom, and she happens to hit something...don't tell Dad.  He'll figure it out eventually but it's best to let him figure it out himself. 
Nothing cures a good heart break like some chocolate and a new set of PJ's.  And Mom will always be there to buy you a new pair.  I just hope I don't have to do it that often.  (The heartbreak part, that is...PJ's are cool.)
You have to watch the movie Airplane!  You may be all "But MOM, it's OLD!"  I don't care.  Watch it anyway.  It's legendary.  Legends don't ever die. 
Be the kind of person people respect.  Don't gossip.  Be honest, be trustworthy.  Be a good friend. 
Friends - don't spend your life stressing about how many you have.  It's the few, close friendships that will be the ones you treasure forever.
Guinness, Aubrey.  Don't waste your time on that cheap stuff.  If you're going to drink beer (after you're 21, of course) make sure it's quality. 
Along those lines of not ever drink and drive.  Just because Mommy is an attorney does not mean I'm going to get you out of trouble for doing something so stupid. 
If you're somewhere and you have been drinking, call me or your Dad or someone.  We will come get you, no questions asked.  Until the next morning, of course, when you are sober. 
Never ever ever feel like you can't tell or ask me anything.  Or your Dad.  We are and always will be here for you no matter what. 
Never forget....we love you.  Always.
So stop by Gretchen's and see what other spins people have to share!  You never may get some good advice.

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  1. What a WONDERFUL list of advice for Miss Aubrey!! This might be one of my favorite things you've written. I think you deserve an extra Guinness for this one.

    You are linked!


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