Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Why ask why?

Second Blooming
I am so very sorry, Gretchen, that I wasn't able to write last week's Spin Cycle, but...let's try this again!  This week is an interesting one.  It's on "Why," which Gretchen has taken from Vandy over at The Testosterone Three and Me.  Both awesome blogs so check them out.  Anyway, so here it is...enjoy!
Why is it that my daughter has a room full of toys but throws a fit because she can't get my bottle of water from me?
Why is it that no matter how good my intentions are, I can never get everything I want done in the course of a weekend?
Why is it that whenever I watch the show What Not to Wear, I have the urge to purge everything in my closet but when I watch Hoarders, I feel like the cleanest woman alive?
Why is it that I sing the Elmo's World theme song pretty much all the flipping time and have not gone certifiably insane? 
Why is it actually hard for me to come up with a list of why questions? 
Why is it that the laundry hamper seems to magically fill itself as soon as I finish the laundry and have a sense of accomplishment?
Why do we even have to deal with daylight savings time?  Seriously...I'm not looking forward to the adverse effect it's going to have on Aubrey.
Why hasn't the guy on "How I Met Your Mother" met the damn mother?  Seriously...funny show, yes, but come on.  Meet her already.
Why is it that kids in Elmo's World will be all "Hey, Mr. Noodle, How do you do this?" And when he tries to show them and does it incorrectly they get all irritated with him and tell him that he's not doing it correctly.  Well, damn kids, if you knew how to do it in the first place, then don't ask the question.
Why does that one Sesame Street character keep going back to that restaurant if the service is so bad?  (And Grover is always his waiter?)  I mean, stop going.  Come on.

Why are the majority of my questions about Sesame Street?
Not a why question, but what has happened to me?  Where did my youth go?
Why can't I win a large sum of money just out of the blue and pay off all my bills and debts?
Why won't Sallie Mae refund me my money for my degree if I decide I no longer want to use it? 
Why are all the streets that are named "North St" and "South St" in Indy actually east and west and "West Street" and "East Street" go north and south?
Why don't I come to a close with this post?  Because I'm running short on ideas.  So here we go...
Stop by Gretchen's and see what others have to ask.  Deep, thoughtful questions, I'm sure :-) 


  1. I have to admit that I now kind of miss Sesame Street. After years of that damned Elmo theme rattling around in my head, Sesame Street has finally vanished from our lives, and I kind of miss it. Sigh. Though Mr. Noodle always creeped me out just a bit.

    You will be linked by the end of the day! Sorry, I'm so slow. But it will happen. Soon. I promise.

  2. Hahaha.. I love your Sesame Street "whys." :) Hey Mr. Noodle.. So true. If they knew why ask? And I too find myself singing the Elmo song, sadly my kids are grown and I have grandsons now so the beat goes on, huh? ;) Great post. Just poppin' over from The Spin Cycle.


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