Tuesday, March 19, 2013

An Irish feast!

So it's no secret that I'm Irish, I love my Guinness, and T and I love celebrating St. Patrick's Day.  So Sunday was definitely a much anticipated event in the Sullivan household.  However, you know...now that we have the little one, our St. Patrick's Days have changed.  Maybe when she gets a little older, we'll start going to the parade again, but planning around her nap schedule does not make it an easy task.  So instead, I planned an Irish feast for us.  Shepherd's pie, soda bread, salad and Irish cream brownies.  And Guinness, of course.  I used the Irish cookbook we got in Ireland, and I'm pretty proud of how I did, I must say.
Friday, I made the soda bread.  From scratch, boom!  One thing about making bread?  Messy, very very messy, but the thing rose, it got all brown and smelled DElicious.  This is the best picture I had, with the plastic wrap.  Not something I'd post in some kind of cooking magazine, but it was really good.

Friday  night, I made the Irish cream brownies.  I put a little Baileys in the batter, and the icing?  Pretty much just cream cheese, powder sugar and Baileys.  Alcoholic icing.  Yum.  The icing job doesn't do it justice, but it was amazing.


Last, I made the Shepherd's pie.  Firs time using the broiler in our oven ever.  Isn't this a thing of beauty?

So here is our feast.  Notice the Guinness, of course.  That is THE only way to complete your Irish meal.  Actually if only I could have had some mushy peas...but that'll be a cooking experience for another year!

So yeah, it might not have been bar hopping...but we had a pretty good St. Patrick's Day, and who wouldn't?  Not with these Irish sweethearts! 


  1. I do love a good shepherds pie! Not being Irish, I never did much St. Paddy's stuff growing up. But since Jimmy and I basically celebrate every holiday we can find, we now do a good St. P's. I desperately wish I had done better by Jude with the leprechaun thing. For the last several years, he has built elaborate leprechaun traps, but, alas, never caught one of those tricky boogers. This year? No trap. Sad. I think this is the last year of the Easter Bunny too, and maybe...shudder...Santa. Hate this growing up thing. But anyway, I wish I had made the leprechaun naughtier, and now it's too late. I have friends who have the naughty leprechaun not only avoid the trap, but steal all the coins, color the milk green and basically tp the house! I missed the leprechaun boat! This is stuff for you to look forward to with Aubrey!

  2. Now slice up tons of veggies and stick them in the oven to broil. Amazing!!!


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