Thursday, March 14, 2013

Eating crow

I hate having to admit I'm in the wrong.  But that doesn't mean I won't.  But man it sucks swallowing your pride.
So I may have overreacted just a bit (shocked, I know) to an annoyance at daycare.  Annoyance at a policy and the pain it causes to get in and out of the building.  But rather than just mutter loudly under my breath like my, I have to write an email expressing my frustration to the director of the daycare. 
That's right.  I'm pissing off the director of my child's daycare.  And I'm not done until she's kicked out. 
But luckily that didn't happen. 
Now I was right in my being irritated.  I mean, the policy is stupid.  And a pain in the ass.  But I probably should have done that waiting 24 hours thing to send an email.  Or at least I could have waited maybe more than 30 minutes before writing.  I didn't use curse words or anything, mind you.  No, I was quite polite.  Harsh and blunt, but polite.  Basically I wrote it like a lawyer.  That's all I need to say.
And the director responded.  And it felt like I got pulled on her leg and spanked as punishment. 
And in reading her email, I thought "shit....I probably shouldn't have started this."  T, of course, was none to happy with me.  He shares the irritation I have, but he would like to keep Aubrey in this school.  So his response to me?  Fix it. 
So I called her.  And apologized.  Of course, she was super sweet about it and said I had no need to apologize.  We were both "straight-shooters," she said, and she appreciated my honesty and expressing my concerns.  Of course, I still apologized several times, and now I still feel bad even though she basically hugged me when she saw me at the daycare when we picked Aubrey up. 
But I did it...I ate crow.  And I didn't like it.  I need some Merlot to wash that down....
On another note, please keep T's Mom in your prayers today.  She is having major surgery on her back, so she can use all the prayers you can send her!


  1. Good girl! Good for expressing your problem and also good for admitting you may have been overly aggressive. I have found, through my experience with various schools, that it's EXTREMELY helpful for your kid if you are as helpful and "girlfriendy" as possible to all the teachers and administrators. People will do little favors for their friends, they will cut their friends kids breaks. You can pick a fight with some other parent at school, but steer clear of the powers that be.


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