Monday, March 4, 2013

Motivate Me

Motivation Monday

I'm torn about this weekend ending.  On one end, I'm not really thrilled about going back to work.  But on the other hand, Aubrey's transition to todlderhood has left T and I in the fetal position waving the white flag of surrender.  Seriously, I think by her 30,000th tantrum yesterday, I just wanted to curl up and hide.  Sure, she's all cute and sugar and spice at daycare, and they're all like "oh, she's an angel!  Always smiling!"  Yeah, you just wait until she's throwing food on the floor, screaming her head off.  In a restaurant.  Oh yeah, I am kind of ready for the daycare thing.  But not the work thing.  Oh the dilemma....

So anyway, onto the motivation thing.  This Saturday, T and I are running a 10k in training for the mini-marathon.  So this past Saturday, I decided to do a 75 minute run (on the treadmill, mind you).  I did pretty well, but my legs were beat by the end of the run.  I got to just shy of 6 miles, and I need to do 6.2 on Saturday.  But...with the actual day of a race, I tend to run on adrenaline and go a little faster than the pace I do on a treadmill.  But regardless, looking at the time running increasing more and more over the next few weeks...makes Nain nervous.  Shit, in a few weeks, we're talking 2 hours of running.  I'm going to have to do that one outside because two hours inside on a treadmill?  That might be just a tad too boring for me.  But I'm still plugging away...I'm going to run this mini come hell or high water.  I will do this. 

Other than that motivation, I'm needing some heavy motivation in the work field.  I have a lot of deadlines looming, and I was totally throw for a loop on Friday with something that is going to make one project particularly difficult.  And being the boss person, I have to keep that one to myself and act like all is good in Whoville.  So let's do this, Nain...let's do this. 

You know, I don't get an official vacation until July.  Dammit.  Can't that come just a bit sooner? 

So what motivation do you need this week?  Share yours with a post of your own!  And here's to the weekend!


  1. I'm still looking for my motivation. It got lost somewhere. I keep plugging away though.

    Oh, and thank you for the samples. They arrived Friday!

  2. Wow. Everything is doom and gloom in the blog world.

    One of the things Dr Jeremiah suggested Sunday is "treat every workday like its a party". Sounds like you had the party where someone threw up on your coat.


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