Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Getting back to normal is a treasure

So, we're officially moved in!  All boxes, bags, and furniture are now safely in our brand new home!  Sure, it looks a warehouse and nothing is where we want it, but it's all in.  (Breathes huge sigh of relief)
Tonight we will be having our first home-cooked meal in our new home, too.  It's the first home-cooked anything we've had in awhile, actually.  It's nothing fabulous, but it'll be nice to just be normal again.  You know, come home from work, cook dinner, relax?  Not be packing until late at night?  Not have to go out to eat because there's nothing to eat or we're defrosting our fridge?  I miss that.  It'll be nice to have that back.  So having a sense of normalcy will be nice, and I definitely consider that a treasure. 
And one huge treasure I have to be thankful for is my husband.  With my new job, I don't have a lot of vacation time to take off to assist with the move, and he has had to coordinate the whole thing - the movers yesterday, the blinds people today and cable guy this afternoon, the carpet cleaner for our old place, most of the unpacking and arranging...I feel just awful that I can't take off work like he did and be there to help.  So having his help and his ability to be flexible and be there is a big treasure.  I don't know what I'd do without him.
I promise to have pictures soon...I just don't want to have pictures with everything looking like a hot mess.  So it might take a week or so, but we will have pictures, I promise!
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  1. Having a husband with a flexible job is a real treasure. MJ has no flexibility and can't take days off so easily... So when we moved or are doing some remodeling, it's me who has to be here, coordinating/working, most of the time.
    I'm so glad you're back to "normalcy"!

  2. YAY you are in and YAY for T's help!

    Home cooked meal already? We still ate out a few nights until I got my kitchen all unpacked and set up!

  3. Yay! I'm so excited for you and I bet the feeling when you get to your very own home is so wonderful!!!!!

  4. Haha, flexibility, time off... what's that? I'd feel guilty too, but it would be nice to come home from a long day of work and see that the chores have already been done for you.

  5. Those are huge treasures! I'm glad you'll get some normalcy :-) it is much needed I'm sure.

    Congrats again! You and T are cute, I'm sure he doesn't mind one bit :)

    Thank you so very much for linking up!

  6. It's really a great feeling to finally move in your own home now; and to eat home-cooked foods.:-) It's great that your husband has flexible hours. Mine doesn't have a lot, so it's usually me who do most of the work when we moved to our own home.


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