Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bad habits

So this week's Spin Cycle with Sprite's Keeper spoke to me and said "Hey, Nain!  This topic...it's for you!" It's all about bad habits, and boy, do I have them!  I mean we all do, but mine are special.  Or rather I'm skilled at them.  I graduated with honors in them.  It was my major and my minor.  So yeah....It was hard to pick, but...I had to narrow it down to a few :-)  Let's see how many of these make T chuckle, too.

1.  Picking at my nails.  This is a nervous habit I developed way back when in high school.  I gave it up for the wedding, but...with stress over the past year, I've fallen off the wagon.  And I can't stop, dammit.  My skin around my nails just isn't pleasant.  I'm always being told to stop doing that, but it's totally subconcious.  Not to say I shouldn't try to stop, though.  Maybe I will...

2.  Leaving my shoes everywhere.  I'm married to a very clean and organized person.  And I am so far from that.  Back in the day when I lived on my own, I would get home, kick my shoes off next to the door and leave them there.  They would be there waiting for me when I left the apartment next.  Convenience, right?  Why would I want to put them away and then dig them out when I need them?  But T?  Yeah, he's not a big fan of that.  It drives him crazy, in fact.  So now I just do it to bug him.  Or just by accident.  I can't help it.  I'm lazy when it comes to my shoes...and I have a lot of them, too!

3.  Starting something, not finishing it and going on to the next thing.  I think I have adult on-set A.D.D.  Never diagnosed, but I can't focus worth a crap.  This isn't to say I don't eventually finish the first task.  It's just that I start about ten more between when I start the first one and when I end the last one.  By the end of it, I'm confused, tired and a little stressed out. 

4.  Worrying.  I make worrying an olympic sport.  Sure, you say there's no way that I don't worry as much as you, right?  Nope, sorry.  My evidence of this?   I was in 5th grade when I was first tested for an ulcer.  Ten years old.  Because of my anxiety and nervousness.  I get nervous before anything - good or bad.  I think about all of the possible contingencies of what can go wrong.  I then fret about them constantly.  Something good happens...I think about the possible bad things that can happen just because the good thing happened.  I almost fainted from worry before being sworn in as an attorney.  I knew I passed the bar exam, but I was determined that there was a possibility they could retroactively flunk me.  So I was miserable the entire ride there, during the ceremony...pretty much until I had the certificate in my hand and after I verified that they spelled my name correctly.  (And that it was from the State of Indiana)

5.  Pessimism.  I kind of think that one goes along with the worrying.  I'm not a glass is half full or empty kind of girl.  I broke the glass.  There is no glass and the liquid is spilt all over the floor.  And that broken glass is the only one in the cabinet.  So sorry, kid, no milk for you!

6.  Cursing - I curse like a sailor.  This gets me in trouble with the nieces and nephews all the time.  God help me when we have children. 

7.  Worrying about how much I'm cursing, picking at my nails, my lack of housekeeping skills and the fact I can't finish a project.

8.  Why am I worried about that?  I suck at life anyway.  It's not like I'd actually succeed if I tried to do it anyway.  Man, I suck.

9.  Aw...shit damn hell.  Look what I did. 

So those are some of MY bad habits...check out what other Spinners have to share!



  1. Well, you made me laugh, that can't be ALL bad! I need to watch my mouth too. While I try to be a little more G rated in writing, verbally? Yikes.
    You're linked!

  2. lol.... I'm with you on every single one but #2. I knew we were separated at birth. Adore you and thinking lots about you!

  3. #1 is the only one I won't claim.( Oops, and #3. I get pissed if not allowed to finish something; however, Laurie covers this one quite nicely.) #4 (and 7,8, and 9 by extension) and #5 a little bit, #s 2 and 6 a LOT. Crap, I'm not alone!

  4. I'm a bit pessimistic, but it's nothing compared to Nick. he gets it from his dad. If there was a worse scenario guy it's Nick's dad. Your run down with the glass--so totally Nick's dad. Only he would be sure the milk was sour too. Nick isn't quite that bad, but he's close sometimes. I've gotten good at talking him back from the edge.


    "shit damn hell." My new go-to string of swears!

    I leave my shoes kicking around by the door, too, but PK does it even worse than me so that's bad because neither of us ever take the initiative to move them.

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. I'm a worrier also. So much that it keeps me up at night.


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