Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sh#t T Says

I've been waiting for an opportunity to do another edition of "Shit T Says."  Ever since we found out we were pregnant, I've been accumulating the things he's said, but since I hadn't told anyone about our pregnancy, all of these "what the hell?" statements had to wait.  Well wait no more!  Here's Edition 2 of "Shit T Says."

When we first found out we were pregnant, we celebrated by going out to dinner.  At dinner, I was remarking about how it's ironic that my oldest nephew is the same age I was when he was born.  And T says "And now he'll be an uncle, too."  I look at him and go "what?"  T stops, thinks and says "well, no...he's already an uncle because of Roo..."  I stare back at him and ask if he understands how a family tree works.  Perhaps I should diagram it out?  It's a family tree.  Not a branch, T. 

I had morning sickness (well, all day sickness if you want to be technical) pretty bad towards the first 8 weeks, and one morning, when I felt particularly bad, I was laying in our bed after breakfast, pre-shower, mind you, and in the fetal position.  I'm sure I looked like hell.  So T comes upstairs, looks at me and goes "Only a husband gets to see his wife look like this."  I respond with a "like what?"  His response?  "ummm....pretty?"  (Good save, good save, T)

 We went to T's brother's wedding right after we found out we were with child, and well, it was bad timing.  Hard to keep a new pregnancy a secret when you have to abstain from drinking at a wedding.   But T made up for it.  Let's just say he was drinking for two that night.  And felt it, too.  That night, as he was getting sick (him, not me, mind you...the one with the whole morning sickness?  yeah, not cool)  I slept with my hand over my ears to not listen to him getting sick and getting myself sick as a result.  So the next morning, he and I both wake up, and I have left saltines and ginger ale next to my bed for the morning.  He has the audacity to take some of my saltines, looks at me and goes "oh honey, now I know how you feel..."  Yes, I hit him after said statement was made.

Last statement made by T was made just Monday evening...he gives me a hug and for some reason, notices my deodorant. "Hey, I like your deodorant.  It's Dove, right?  So that means you're not model-pretty but average-pretty like those girls on the commercials?" 

It's a good thing he's pretty. 



  1. Ahh men gotta love the ones with foot in mouth disease.. if ya didn't love em you would have to shoot them

  2. whahahahahaha. Men be cah-razy.

  3. You really hit him? Good.
    I was sick from week 5-week 25, on Zofran to combat it, would dry heave every time I coughed or sneezed, true story, and John once, only once, made the mention that it was all in my head.
    I may have scared him that night with my response. :-)

  4. Clearly I haven't been around lately! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! :D So happy for you. Not for the nausea, etc. But for all the other good stuff.


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