Saturday, August 13, 2011

Saturday Steals!

I don't normally blog on Saturdays,  but I like Camille over at Archives of Our Lives so much, I will make an exception.  Plus, she brought back Saturday Steals, and I just had to share my steal with you this week :-)
So you know that I'm such an awesome Mary Kay consultant and all, right?  Well, in my Unit this past year, I was number five in retail sales, and I was surprised after work the other day with some awesome swag:
I didn't get to go to the annual seminar, but this would have been my ribbon had I gone.  Maybe I'll wear it around the house just for the hell of it.  And I got this cute locket key chain and fun necklace.  Let's see if I can get a better picture....

It's not Tiffany's by any means, but I love it.  Plus, it's free!  Who doesn't love free gifts?  So those are my steals for the week.  Stop by Camille's blog and see what other steals people have to share!


  1. It's a great steal!!
    Good for you!
    I'm glad you are number 5 in retail sales!

  2. I've been thinking about doing Mary Kay or Avon to earn some extra cash, but it seems like a lot of work!

    Congrats on your accomplishment. Glad you be you 100th follower!!

  3. Scores!!! That's a welcome surprise I bet! (Or maybe it wasn't a surprise but I'm sure it was welcome—I always welcome free swag.)

    Thanks so much for sacrificing and posting on the weekend just for me! : ) You know, though, you could write a SS post any time during the week and just add the link when I open it on Friday (I mean, if you want to). But this works, too!



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