Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Checking in...

I'm still here, alive and kicking!  This week has been kicking my butt with the heat and family things, but I promise I am still here!  In fact, check back tomorrow, and you'll get to read my guest post over at Chloe's My New Life as a Housewife!  I am very excited to be guest exciting :-)
Thank you for all of you who have been sending positive thoughts and prayers to me on the blog, twitter and Facebook.  I don't have any updates other than the fact that things seem to still just be going in the direction they were going.  He won't be getting better, but right now, they are determining where he will be, whether that be in his assisted living apartment with his stuff, his bed (our preference) or the nursing home.  I truly feel for my mom and her siblings as I couldn't even begin to imagine what they are dealing with or decisions they have to make.  I pray for him and for them every day.
In the mean time, I am trying my best to focus on the little things in life that make me happy...T and I are actually going on a date this weekend (to a movie, no less!).  I'm trying to think past the heat of summer and think towards fall.  NFL training camps have begun.  They are talking about college football starting.  I'm only one month away from my one year wedding anniversary.  (These are not listed in any particular order, so no worries...I am not placing football above T, promise!)  So that's my focus right now - focus on my blessings and also look forward to the future. 
And don't forget!  Check out my guest post tomorrow :-)

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