Monday, August 8, 2011

Motivation Monday!

Motivation Monday

I'm back with some motivation fun this week...God knows I could use the motivation!  We're still staying pretty busy with work and everything with my family.  Not much has changed.  They say no news is good news, but honestly, in this type of situation, considering the fact we're not looking for good news, it just means the status quo when we don't hear anything.  And that's not necessarily good or bad.  I guess it's how you look at it.  But thank you for all of your kind thoughts and prayers.  Keep them coming because my Grandpa can use all of them, and we appreciate them.

So anyway, let's get to the Motivation Monday part....I hope I get people to do it today but...since I've been out of the game so long I won't get too sensitive about it :-)  Here's you how do it...just write a post about what you need motivation for this week, copy and paste the link to that post in a comment on this one, and I'll link you up!

So my first motivation....helping T.  See, in November, my man (who is certifiably crazy for doing this, is my disclaimer) is running a marathon.  26.2 miles.  That's just not right.  I'm good with the 13.1, but you double that?  No freaking way.  But he's doing it.  And it's my goal to motivate him.  It's been a tough summer with the unbearable heat, and I swear he keeps setting these goals for himself that he's going to get up at 5:00 a.m. and run.  Doesn't happen.  (Sorry, T!  I'm outting you here!)  So both Saturday and Sunday, I kicked his ass out of bed at 8:00 and made him go run.  Pulling the blankets back, setting the alarm, even pushing him out of bed physically.  And I am proud that he did it.  And I have every intention of keeping him up with doing it because this 26.2 mile goal is his goal, however crazy it may be, and I want to see him succeed.  I'll be on the sidelines, of course.  But cheering the entire time!

Now for myself?  I need some professional motivation.  Career-type motivation, of course.  I have a TON of stuff to do.  TON.  And it's hard to keep focused.  I'm not sure if I have developed some type of adult on-set A.D.D., but dude, I can't stay focused at all.  So...this week...I need to really kick it into high gear.  I honestly have no choice.  I have some huge deadlines coming up, and I'm losing my intern after Friday so I will be down one entire staff member until our attorney on maternity leave comes back in Sept.  Who's that huddled in the corner under her desk in the fetal position?  Oh, that'll be me next week.  God help me. 

Anyway, so that's my motivation....what's YOURS?  Happy Monday everyone!

Chloe @ My New Life as a Housewife 


  1. Good luck with your job next week!
    I'm thinking of a good motivation monday post, but I'll write it on Thursday... Is that okay?
    Tomorrow I'll go to the beach with the in-laws and my brother and today I'm busy with groceries, and I have to get my car fixed (there was some kind of tornado here, while we were in Tenerife, and my car was hit by several things -bikes, etc.)... So I'll try to write the motivation post on Thursday! :)

  2. Baby goals, girl. Baby goals. Little accomplishments help make the mountain more obtainable. And good luck to T on the marathon!

  3. I'm so impressed - I could never ever ever run so far. Except, you know, in the case of an alien invasion. And then I'd probably just lay down and let them take me.

  4. I wish I was a runner but I so am not. A half marathon sounds crazy to me, way to go both of you!!!

  5. Here's my link!!
    Better late than never! ;)


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