Monday, November 29, 2010

Motivation Monday!

Motivation Monday

I have a confession to make. I slacked last week. While I’m sure I’m not the only one, I hate the fact that I totally slacked on my diet. But it was Thanksgiving, and I was out of town. We all have our moments of weaknesses. And I’ve made it my goal to seriously bust my ass this week. I can do this.

How did everyone else fair this last weekend? Did you manage to work out? T and I did have the best of intentions. We were going to walk on Thanksgiving, but it was rainy and cold as all get out on Thursday, absolutely freezing on Friday, and Saturday, when we attempted to use the hotel gym before heading to his parent’s, we realized that all of the equipment in that fitness center must have been manufactured in the late 1980s so nothing really worked. Twenty minute workout in, but hardly even broke a sweat.

Oh well, we all have our moments. My goal this week? No sweets, and I will workout every day this week. I already have Wednesday penciled in with my personal trainer, so it’s just up to me to get my ass up in the morning this week.

The trick is how am I going to motivate myself with the upcoming holiday season. I am a sucker for the sweets, and Christmas is one of the best times of the year for calorie-filled goodies. I can hear them calling my name right now.

I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday weekend, and I hope each and every one of you will participate in this week’s Motivation Monday. How do you do it? It’s easy, let me tell you how!

Just write a post about what is motivating you this week…it doesn’t have to be about diet/exercise. It can be work, personal life, goals, etc. Whatever motivates you. Write a post about it, and link up back to this post, using the fun little linky tool at the bottom. And, if you should so desire, I have an awesome button you can grab, too, to advertise Motivation Monday.

Let’s get this party started right! Hope you all can join me in getting this week off to a good start!



  1. This week... I'm not motivated. I've just back from our honeymoon and I don't want to come back to work. As you can see, this doesn't motivate me at all. Boo.
    Fortunately, we have a holiday weekend next week... I'll need it.

  2. I need motivation too. After the holiday weekend and a sickness spell, I'm out of it. My motivation this week will be to keep the few pounds off that I lost from being sick! 3 workouts is my goal. Then I can make peanut butter balls this weekend. ;-)

  3. You can do it! My advice is don't cut out ALL sweets because that sets you up for failure. Just cut back and allow yourself a little!

  4. Yes, I'd love to write a guest post! I'd be so honored!! :)
    I think it would be fun...

  5. Thanksgiving was last week so you definitely get a break off from working out. Glad you're motivated to pick back up where you started before Thanksgiving. If I think of something motivating to write, I'll definitely stop by to link up. I'm still recovering from the holidays, blah.

  6. If you can make it all week working out - you're my hero :) LOL! I have no motivation this time of year!

  7. Well, I'm motivated to do a lot of walking this week. And I will. In Disney World!

  8. Next week, my MM will be up ON Monday. I did retro-date it. Yesterday just went BOOM.

    I'm really inspired by your dedication to working out! You are so amazing!!


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