Tuesday, March 29, 2011

30 pictures

So I got this idea from my good friend Chloe at My New Life as a Housewife, go this idea from Busy Bee Lauren, called 30 pictures.  It looked like too much fun so I had to do it, too :-)

[A picture of someone you spend a lot of time with]

[A picture of you]

[A random picture of you and your sig. other]

[a picture of something that makes you happy]

My new house!

[an old picture of you]

 My cousin Emily's wedding - November 2006

[a picture of your siblings]

 Um, yeah...my siblings are the weird ones on the left....

[a picture you've never posted on your blog before]

 Chicago - December 2007

[a picture of a person you miss]

My Grandma...I miss her every day....

[ a picture of people who know you now and then ]

[ a picture of your favorite place ]

The Guinness Storehouse...where else?

[ a person you can tell everything to ]

T - he's my best friend, you know?

[ a picture of your everyday life ]

No, I don't work at the state house, but I'm a lawyer, so I figure this is the best depiction of what I do.

[ a picture from a place you love ]

Ireland...can I go back?
[ a picture that reminds you of great times ]

Taken the day Tim proposed

[ a picture of one of your favorite foods ]

Guinness, I realize, is not a food, but to me, it's a staple of life.

[ a picture from the best day of your life ]

[ a picture that always makes you laugh ]

Not sure what we were doing there, but....
[ a picture of your spare time ]

Me writing
[ a photo from a great night ]
Our first "Night out on the town" in December 2008
[ a picture of the people who are closest to you ]

My family

[ a picture of someone you always have a good time with ]

My cousin Emily...good memories
[ a picture of your parents when they were your age ]

How bad is it that I don't have any pictures of my parents when they were my age?
[ a picture from last summer ]
Our bridal shower last July 4th

[ a photo of your closest friend of the opposite sex (not sig. other) ]

My bro
[ a picture of you on a favorite vacation ]
I feel I have posted too many pictures of Ireland, so this is a picture from our first vacation together in Chicago in April 2009.
[ a picture of an accomplishment ]
I don't have a picture of me passing the bar, so this is the next best thing.  This is me getting my hood and diploma at my law school graduation.
[ a picture of your closest friend ]

[ a random pictures from a photobooth ]

Sorry!  Have never been in a photobooth!
[ a photo that makes you smile ]

T and Roo
[ someone you will never let go of: ]

All of these people are treasures to me so I'm linking this up to Chantel's Small Treasure Tuesdays!


  1. Love it!!
    Thanks for playing along!!
    I answered your comment on my blog :-)

  2. Fun post! Love seeing the pictures.

  3. I Love you in that yellow dress last summer, so cute!


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