Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Free trips are a treasure

It's Small Treasure Tuesday!  It's always a good thing to take a step back and appreciate the treasures in your life.  That's why I always love participating in Chantel's Small Treasure Tuesdays.  You should check her site out...she's awesome, and when you're there, check out her jewelry etsy shop, too. 

My treasure this week are free work trips.  Sure they are work, but...it doesn't suck that they are in locations like...um...Las Vegas?  Yes, I'll be going for five days for a work conference in Vegas mid-May.   Plane trip, hotel...covered.  Unfortunately I will be taking this trip solo, which means T is left to his own devices.  He's already planned a "Man Night" on one of those evenings...beer, wings, sports...all activities I would enjoy, too, if I weren't going to Vegas.  But no, in all seriousness, I will really miss him.  This is actually the longest period of time we've spent apart in about 2 years.  But it's a good thing I'm going on this trip.  I hope to learn a lot that will help me in my new position and make lots of connections.  And the location?  Doesn't suck. 

And in the spirit of trips to fun places, T and I are currently planning an anniversary vacation to New York City...I've always wanted to go, so we're going to do it.   This August, and I can't wait.  However this trip won't be free.  But it'll still be one awesome time!

So what small treasures are you celebrating this week?  Stop by Chantel's blog and check out what other's are sharing.  Happy Tuesday!



  1. How fun! Las Vegas!! Will you post lots of pictures??? Please??
    And can't wait to know more about that fantastic trip to NYC!!! YAY!! So exciting!

  2. Awesome! Free work trips are always good. And then NYC? Great stuff to look forward to!

  3. Sounds awesome! I used to live in Vegas and I loved it! It's a great place for conferences. I miss it a lot, so I'm excited to see pictures and find out more about the trip. NYC is also a really cool place to visit.

  4. That trip will be awesome! Way to look at it as not oonly work but a fun opportunity too! After 5 days you will be so happy to get home to T that it will be awesome! :)

  5. Vegas is on John's bucket list. I keep promising we'll go. Some day.

  6. any excuse to go to vegas would be a definite win/win...


  7. That will be so fun! Can you believe I've never been to Vegas? I live in Utah which is pretty close to it, but I've never gone.

    I hope you have tons of fun and learn a lot for your business :-)

    Also, New York will be awesome. It's a fun place!


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