Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Our new house is a treasure

It's Small Treasure Tuesdays with Chantel!  This week, my treasure is this:

We have a driveway!  Our house is coming more and more together, which is just awesome.  And we have a firm closing date of April 13th.  That is less than a month away!  This last weekend T and I stopped by the house to check out the progress so far.  Last week they had the cabinets all installed, and this week the flooring, with the exception of the carpet, and light fixtures are in.  The more we see things installed the happier I am with our selections.  We picked a really nice and high quality vinyl to go through the front hallway and kitchen, and our dining room is the first room you see when you enter the house so we made that stand apart with a hardwood laminate floor.  The upstairs vinyl in the bathrooms and laundry room isn't as nice as the downstairs, but it looks really great.  (We figure that area of the house will get less traffic...)

The outside is basically done, and it looks great!  I do have to admit, it is hard when we visit the house, I want to just live there.  It makes it harder to go back to our rental after going in our new home. 

We did get a few items checked off of our "to do" list this weekend, too.  We got a ceiling fan for our bedroom and ordered the light fixtures for the breakfast nook and dining room, as well as the blinds for the entire house.  And we got a nice area rug for the dining room to protect the floor.  We also started packing.  T went to this company called Columbus Container, and for $20 you can get about 40 empty boxes.  We lucked out and got about 50-60 of them.  The funny thing is they are ones from a hospital that were just extra and unused, and they all have "Caution!  Hazardous Medical Waste!" written all over them.  But they get the job done.  The reason for all of the packing is our landlord posted a "for rent" sign in our front yard on Friday, and this spurned people to constantly drive past our house over the weekend getting his number to call him.  We think that means we'll be showing the house soon, so we want to hide all valuables and personal items before that starts happening.  It just feels weird having strangers come in our house and be around all of our stuff.  But, we'll be moving before we know it so it won't be much longer!

So that's our treasure for this week...what's yours?  Stop by Chantel's blog and see what other treasures people have to share!



  1. How exciting! How exciting!!!
    I'm so glad for you!!
    Love your house!! It's great!!

  2. It's gorgeous and I can't wait to see how you decorate it!!! HOW cool and exciting!

  3. Looks wonderful! We want a house tour!

  4. SO exciting!! And it is seriously SO cute!

  5. Oh my word, it's gorgeous! I'm excited to see it all done and decorated.

    I'm so sorry I didn't get the Small Treasure Tuesdays post up last week, I had major computer issues. Thank you so much for always supporting my little link party though, and for writing this. It's a huge treasure!

    I'll link to this in my post tomorrow in addition to any others you may write and like linked back to you :-)


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