Sunday, March 27, 2011

This is what we did this weekend

We packed!  And then packed some more!

We still have a lot left to pack, but we got a good start.  The landlord is showing the house tomorrow, so the possible tenants will have to navigate the boxes, but oh well.  We also made a trip to Goodwill, and man, you should have seen how much crap we hauled there.  T started joking and acting like he was one of the therapists from Hoarding:  Buried Alive.  It was good to get a lot of the stuff out, though.

As are pictures of the boxes T got from the box store.  You know?  The ones labeled "Hazardous:  Medical Waste."

These boxes are ALL over the house.  So we might scare off these future tenants.  come....Oh, and I have no intentions of hiding the mousetraps in the pantry.  These people need to be aware of the crap home they are moving into.  And the other "tenants" who reside in this house....

More packing to come...and are you guys ready for Motivation Monday?  Be thinking of those posts!  I know I can use some motivation this week!

Motivation Monday



  1. haha
    will you post about the landlord showing the house to those poor and innocent future tenants??
    Here's my Motivation Monday post!

  2. Yay and yuck for packing! Looks and sounds like you packed a lot! Way to go!

  3. Wow, good work packing! Those hazard boxes will make for some funny stories I'm sure.

    And I completely agree, don't hide the mouse traps. I'm sure you wish you'd been warned too :-)


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