Monday, March 28, 2011

Motivation Monday

Happy Motivation Monday everyone!  Here we are, another week, another reason to be motivated!  I'm proud to say that I did follow through on my Motivation Monday goals last week.  I worked out every day - whoo!  Personal trainer was on Tuesday, exercised in the afternoon on Monday, and I got up at 5:15 to head to the gym Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  Don't think that I didn't try to talk myself out of going as I lay there in bed, hitting the snooze and debating what to do.  But I did it, and as expected, I felt good afterwards. 

So my motivation this week is to keep it up.  I've got the mini-marathon coming up just a few weeks down the road, and I need to build up some endurance.  Unfortunately, they will be doing a longer training this upcoming Saturday, walking for 1 hr 45 min, but I will be in Cincinnati for a Mary Kay conference.  So somehow I need to make up for that and try to walk that much on my own.  We shall see!  That and to keep from snacking...must do that.  It does become hard when Easter candy has come out, and my stress level at work has risen, causing me to want chocolate that much more.  Must....resist...

So that's my motivation for the week...what about you?  How do you participate in Motivation Monday?  Well, it's as easy as pie (mmm...pie...that sounds good, too...)  Just type a post any time this week about what is motivating you, comment on this post with a link to your post, and you'll be linked up!  Easy peasy! 

Hope everyone has a great Monday!



  1. Ooops! I just left my link on your last post!
    Well, here it is (again):

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  3. Way to go last week! Great job!

  4. Easter candy is so dangerous! Gotta run away!

    I did a post this week (though not about getting in shape)

  5. congrats on sticking to your goals for last week!

    Here is mine!

  6. Finally getting back in the saddle this week.


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