Friday, March 4, 2011

Grabbing the bull by the horns

I've been in my new job for about one month now, and I have to say, while I find it extremely challenging, I love it.  I love the challenge.  I knew walking into my new job that I would be walking into a situation where many things needed to be fixed, and I welcomed the challenge.  Bring it on, world.

I must admit...something I am struggling with is being the boss.  Seriously?  I'm the boss?  I'm the one who makes the big decisions?  Ummmm...ok.  It's taking some adjustment.  I'm a people pleaser so of course I want all of my employees to like me.  I've done well so far, but the other day I had a series of "closed door" discussions with employees.  Not brought on by me, but people approaching me with a problem.  Yikes.  I like I think I handled them well, but I know others won't be so pleased with my "executive" decisions.  But I must stand firm.  Be the hard ass.  Doesn't mean I won't be thinking "what the hell am I doing?" the whole time. 

This is actually the first time ever that I've been truly happy with a job.  It's quite an accomplishment for me.  I started as a family lawyer, and I hated it.  I hated hearing people's whiny problems about their divorce and dealing with petty issues like who gets the drill bit set or who gets the kids for Boxing Day.  Working for the Department of Child Services taught me a lot and gave me a great deal of experience, but quickly I was worn down to a shell of a person.  Reading the things I read on a daily basis broke me down.  Seeing pictures of children abused and confronting these parents in court, I started to lose faith in mankind.So after two and a half years I was more than ready to move on.

Working for a non-profit and doing a job that is less confrontational and contentious has brought me a sense of peace.  Sure, we have a whole other separate crisis going on in the Nain and T household, but having peace in my job is a welcome change. 

Have a great weekend everyone!



  1. I am so excited about this!!! I know how unhappy you were in your old job which was 100% understandable because I'd been the same way too. I'm so thrilled that you are loving this new job!

    I have no doubt that you are an amazing boss and that this is going to be a dream role for you! You are absolutely talented, caring, and brave-- there is no one better suited for this role than you!

  2. It is truly a gift in life to enjoy what you do on a daily basis. So glad you have found that peace, and that peace will allow you to face the other challenges head on.

  3. That's so great you found the job you really love. I'm still looking for the one that truly "fits" me.

  4. Good for you, although I can totally understand how it would be uber weird to be "the boss". I've never been "the boss" (except at home, of course! hehe) and I think I'd find myself constantly apologizing to everyone. In fact I know I would!

  5. Sometimes, not having to worry about work can give the other things in life a bit more perspective. I like where I am too. :-)

  6. Good for you boss! I knwo you handled it in the correct way! I am so happy that you are enjoying your job!

  7. I'm so gonna call you BOSS LADY from now on!! Oh man, I think that would so go to my head! I've always wanted to run things. That is so kick ass you get to run the show. I know you deserve it!

  8. Congratulations! I'm very happy for you! I'm not at the point where I have a job that I really, sincerely enjoy. But I'm blessed to get income at least.

    That would be so draining to have to read about that abuse and face the kind of people that would hurt a child. I'm glad you still have faith in humanity and are able to be in a position you enjoy :-)


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