Thursday, March 3, 2011

Is it March 17th yet?

It's March, and that can only mean one thing in the Nain and T household...St. Patrick's Day.  Aside from Christmas, it's the happiest day of the year.   As soon as March 1st comes around, the decorations come out...even our gnomes got a little festive this year:

T and I have a tradition.  Every year on St. Patrick's Day we take off work and head out around nine or so, grab a bite for breakfast and make sure we get downtown in time for the St. Patrick's Day parade at 11:00 that morning.  We sit and enjoy the parade and the craizness all around us, and afterwards, we head to The Rathskellar Biergarten for some drinks and food.  The place gets packed.  Like crazy packed.  And it's funny because it's not just your usual over 21 crowd.  During the day on St. Patrick's Day, it's a family running around everywhere, music playing, everyone just having a generally good time.  And the Guinness is flowing.  Of course, I do realize the irony in going to a German bar on an Irish holiday, but's a lot of fun.  And it's a day of just not caring about where to go and what to do and just having fun.  I love it, and I can't wait for this year's celebration.

God, I love this time of year.....



  1. Tradition is awesome, isn't it? I can't say that we have any for St. Patty's Day but we have our own little things that don't have to make sense to anyone but the two of us. Nice to have those little things to look forward to. :-)

  2. I knew I'd be seeing this type of post from you, especially when your honeymoon was all things Ireland!

  3. You guys are cute :-) I love St. Patty's day too! I always have, even though I've never had alcohol before. It's still fun!

    I like adding green food coloring to the food we eat, so everything is green!


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