Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Facebook - Good or bad?

I'm bring up a topic here that might be touchy with some,'s something that T mentioned the other day, and it just got me thinking.  What if I closed my Facebook account?  Would I miss it?

T brought it up in the context of he was thinking about closing his Facebook account.  This isn't the first time he's mentioned it either.  And it got me thinking...sometimes, I feel like I should, too.  Facebook has changed so many aspects of life, which is funny considering it's just a social media device.  It's not supposed to be that life-changing, right?  It's almost embarrassing at times how much control Facebook has over our lives.

But really...think about it.  Now that I am connected with most of my family and friends on Facebook, I already know what's going on with them on a daily basis.  I receive constant updates on their "status," relationship  notifications, pictures, etc.  I technically know what's going on with them, so, why do I need to call them or send them an email?  They already know what's going on with me, too, has negated the phone call in a way.  And the email.  I used to be notorious for sending emails to friends and family.  Cards, emails, letters, but with Facebook (and technically, my blog) I don't really need to.  Why repeat myself?  And it's not that I have anything to add to a letter that they don't already know, right? 

And the way Facebook depersonalizes things...I'm ashamed to say that I was one of those couples...I caved into what everyone else does...we announced our engagement first via a Facebook update.  And changing our status to married on Facebook?  You bet we did that before we left for Ireland.  But how sad is that?   Wouldn't an engagement announcement be something that should be told in person or at least over the phone?  And all of the congratulations we received from people we don't even speak to on a regular basis, while appreciated, did I really need them?  Did it really matter that Judy from my high school class knew I was engaged and wished us well?  I don't even send these people Christmas cards, so why would it matter that they post "Happy birthday" on my Wall?  Yes, it's appreciated, but...not necessarily needed.

It has become funny, too, now that my parents have Facebook.  As soon as I put on my status that I am sick or something is wrong, I get a phone call or a text.  "What's wrong?"  Look, Facebook has even negated the reason for the "Mom, I'm sick, pity me" phone call!

Facebook has its benefits, yes.  It's connected me with people I haven't spoken to in ages...people from my childhood, old jobs, former classmates, etc.  But really, do I actually speak with these people or email them now that I'm "friends" with them on Facebook?  Does it really change anything at all?  No, really it doesn't.

Now will I actually get rid of my Facebook account and just quit cold turkey?  I don't know.  But it's something I'm thinking about.  I've become much too lazy in keeping connected with my friends and family.  Maybe that is just the jolt I need to bring me back to the way things used to be.  Because, honestly?  I kind of miss that.

What do you guys think?


  1. Nooo, please don't go!!!
    I will miss you if you decide to say good bye to FB :(
    Now that I don't live with my parents I find FB sooo useful. Now my dad has a FB account too! And I post pictures so that they can see some of my daily life.
    It helps me to keep in contact and meet "in person" some of my blogger friends. Like you!! And enables me to send private messages to those people :)
    Please don't goooo!

  2. I actually this morning went through and purged my friends list. I have a love/hate relationship with facebook. I love the pictures though that friends put up. That's the ONLY reason I'm still on.

  3. I have two FB accounts. One is what I consider my personal one and the other my game playing one. Since I no longer play the community participation games like Farmville, etc. I probably should close that account. I did not even think about it until I read your post. You have given me something to think about.

    As to closing your account, why not just not log in for a few days or weeks and see how much you miss it then decide.

  4. I mostly go onto Facebook for one liners and to read statuses, that's it. I leave most of the personal stuff off since it's already kicked me in the arse once. Not going to do that again..

  5. I am with you! DOnt' need it but do it. My mom is not on but her friend's will tell her at church, I saw that Lisa and Karl went to a movie...which one...did they like it?! Then my mom calls upset that I post stuff on's a great thought though. Hmm...will discuss with K tonight!

  6. Tough call. A friend of mine gave it up for Lent and is already saying she won't go back in April. She feels free. I'm seriously considering it.

  7. Well, i understand where you are coming from, but being a person that hates talking on the phone, I don't miss the phone calls.. I chat with people online all the time. I love Facebook, but I do walk away alot and quit looking at it all the time. You can live w/out it...

    AmberLaShell Rants

  8. I don't know. I have mostly positive views of Facebook in that it has helped me reconnect and maintain friendships. It's also brought me closer to people I never imagined I would be close with at all.

    I don't feel it has depersonalized my life, but moreso brought more interaction into it. I was practically a recluse there for awhile, and very hesitant to let people in.

    I have fun with it. The day it stops being fun, I'll stop using it.

  9. I love facebook, I also feel that it has brought me closer to many people I wouldn't be in contact with otherwise. It is fun sharing & seeing pictures with people I wouldn't get to normally. It makes me feel much more connected to the world.

    All that being said I have had a bad facebook experience, I went to the hospital waiting to support my best friend as she had her new baby. She didn't find out the gender so we were on pins and needles waiting to hear if the baby was a boy or a girl. Turns out daddy decided to post the results on facebook before coming out to the waiting room to tell us, we found out it was a boy on our cell phones via facebook first!!! That just seemed SO wrong!!

  10. I mainly just use facebook to stalk old high school and college classmates that I don't talk to anymore, and to find out about my brother's dating life. I find it entertaining but that's about it.

  11. I also have a love/hate relationship with facebook. I don't go on too often, but it is so nice to catch up with my friends I left behind in Michigan when I moved away. It's also a convenient way to keep track of pictures :-)


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