Friday, May 4, 2012

Crying uncle!

Yeah....I don't know what to blog about today.  I'm not going to lie.  This week has chewed me up, spat me out, and then taken seconds and chewed me up again, swished me around, gargled a little salt water, and then spit me out.  Into the mud.  And then stepped on me with steel-toed boots. 
Dramatic, much?  Probably.  But this week has just been that bad. 
I would go into the full details of exactly why it was that bad, but I can't.  Stuff I can't discuss on the blog, but it's been tough on a personal and professional level this week.  The shit has hit the fan in all aspects of my life. 
And then there was that damn hand, foot, mouth disease.  Oh yeah, that.  That?  Sucked.  If you haven't had it before, I pray to God that you don't.  And if you deepest condolences.  I was covered in sores for days...well, still am covered in sores at least on my feet, but they were so painful I couldn't walk or hold anything.  I lucked out in that I missed the boat with the horrible sore throat thing...but I've had mono so I've paid my dues.  But it was bad.  I was working from home Monday through Wednesday, and really, only one day was I able to type because of the sores on my finger tips.  But the good news?  I can type again!  (Obviously, because of this post...but, still, it's pretty awesome....) 
I like to believe that next week will be the opposite of this week and will be absolutely awesome.  I'm going rouge on this one...I'm going to be optimistic.  It's a new thing for me, but maybe if I will it to be that way, it will actually be
It'll start by this weekend.  We're just laying low...spending time as a family, me, T and Aubrey.  I sure miss her during the week, and I love getting to spend time with her during the weekend.  And hopefully by this weekend, my feet will be okay enough for me to get back to the exercise and back to a Motivation Monday next week!  Have a great weekend, everyone!

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  1. OH Hand foot and mouth sucks majorly. Hoping you have a much better week hun.


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