Saturday, May 26, 2012

God Bless You, Aubrey

On May 20th, the demon was taken out of our baby girl. 

Okay, I'm being dramatic.  She was baptized.  That is just the joke T and I had between ourselves. 

It was a beautiful occasion.  We bought her this adorable, long white dress, and she looked like a little angel in  it.  Both sides of the family were present, and we all went to noon mass before the baptism at 1:00 p.m.  The service was not in our church but rather in the smaller chapel that used to be the old church.  The building is gorgeous inside, and it's much more intimate which made for a nice setting.   They had three baptisms that day, another one being our good friend's baby, and the whole thing went surprisingly smoothly.

I'm proud to say that, out of the three kiddos, mine was the one who behaved.  Of course, she was the youngest, and it didn't hurt that she was fast asleep.  She barely even budged when the priest poured the water on her.  She just did her "hey man! what's the deal!" hands up in the air pose but otherwise remained asleep.

This is going to sound incredibly corny, but I was so proud of Aubrey as we stood up there.  Of course, she's three months old, and it's not like she actively did anything.  But still, it was the first "big" occasion for her, and I was just so proud to be her mother.  I teared up a little when the actual baptism occurred, and I just couldn't stop looking at her during the service.  She is just so amazing.

Now I just had to add this picture because this is the priest lighting the candles from the Baptism candle, and to me, it just looks like he's about to set Aubrey's head on fire.  Of course, that's just a camera angle thing, but it still makes me giggle.

Poor T's arm was killing him by the end of the ceremony.  She looks small, but man is she heavy when you hold her for any extended period of time.  (Note that she is still fast asleep.)

She's Mommy's little angel...what can I say?

We took family pictures in front of the chapel before heading home to have a party for Aubrey.  The ironic thing is we took pictures outside this same chapel when we were married almost two years ago.  Notice the similarities.

It's kind of cool to look at the two pictures and see our family progress.  In the wedding picture, it was just T and me, but in the baptism picture, our family now includes Aubrey.  I wouldn't have it any other way.

We had family and friends over for a cookout after the ceremony and pictures, and boy did we have a full house.  My family is big, and adding T's family to that makes for a ton of people.  Lucky for me, Mommy got to have a couple glasses of wine to help with that added stress. 

I had to include a picture of her cake in this post because it was so delicious and so pretty.  We got it from the same place that did our wedding cake.  It was good then, and it was just as good now.

If you look at the writing there is a little inside joke on the cake.  The right side says "You are the gift from God.  You are speacil."  (Yes, that is intentionally misspelled.)  When I was a kid in Vacation Bible School, we made these pictures from paper plates, and around a picture of yourself we were to write "I am a gift from God, I am special."  Well, I wrote "I am the gift from God.  I am speacil."  So ever since then my family has made this an ongoing joke.  As a surprise to my parents, I included it on Aubrey's cake, too. 

It was a beautiful day and a fun weekend, albeit exhausting.  I am happy in that we won't have another crazy weekend like this until her First Communion, but it did mean a lot to T and me to have our family there to celebrate this wonderful occasion. 

God bless you, Aubrey Leona!  Mommy and Daddy love you!


  1. I'm so glad they took the demon out of her, should be a smooth road now. lol :)

  2. Oh, I just love so much about this post! She's such a little angel! Gorgeous. I love the pictures in front of your church - such a special progression. And I ADORE the misspelled word tradition - too funny. And I must say, you look really great. Pictures of me at Jude's baptism are HIDEOUS - I was so fat and hormonal! Congratulations and God bless Aubrey Leona!


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