Monday, May 28, 2012

Motivation Monday: Ready to Run!

Motivation Monday

Enough talk.  I'm going to do it.  I'm going to start running. 

God help me. 

I've been talking about this for awhile since Aubrey was born and even before then.  As you know, I'm already a speed walker, but I think I need that extra push to get me over that hump to losing my baby weight.  Granted, I don't have any high aspirations of being a super runner like my husband who chooses to torture himself with a marathon.  No, my goal would be to even just run 5 minutes without stopping.  Baby steps, people. 

I have several reasons for being nervous.  With my health stuff, I have to be super careful about it.  And take my inhaler.  That's something I have been too stubborn about in the past, and didn't end well.  A few years ago, T and I were running in a 5k on the canal downtown.  It was a muggy August day, and for some reason, I didn't take my inhaler beforehand or even with me on the run.  I thought I could be okay without it.  Big, big mistake.  I kind of pushed it a bit too hard going for my personal best time (36 minutes, by the way).  I could feel in that last mile like my heart was racing and I was having a hard time breathing.  But I was nearing the finish line, and I wanted to finish by running.  So I kept going.  I crossed the finish line, and T and the timer at the finish line could tell just by looking at me that all was not well.  The timer took one look at me and asked "are you okay?" I couldn't say no, so I just shook my head.  Needless to say paramedics were called, Nain got two rounds of oxygen and was almost taken to the hospital.  It was scary.  At that point in our relationship, T didn't know too much about my heart condition or what meds I was on, so when he mentioned it to the paramedics, they kind of freaked out.  And I got lectured by the paramedics, T, my mom, his mom, my sister, my friend Sluss, you name it about the inhaler thing.  So I never leave home without it now.  Lesson learned. 

I haven't run since that time.  So I'm nervous.  But I feel like if I start running on the treadmill only, I'm at home, so if I need to stop, I'm not far away from home by myself.  Right now, if I do run outside, I'm going with someone.  But I do want to do this.  I want to challenge myself.  (Within reason, of course) 

What about you?  What motivation do you need this week?  Write a post about it and link it up to my blog, leaving a link to it in your comment on this post!  I didn't get any participants last week (sad face) so let's see if I can get at least one!

Sarah @ Crazy Love Gamble Style

Happy Motivation Monday!


  1. We can be inhaler buddies! Be safe, take it easy. My philosophy is that you should run as slow as you can, it still counts as running and burns a ton of calories but doesn't push you over the edge physically. I have very weak lungs and this seems to really be helping them. I know you can do this! Just be careful! If it doesn't feel right, stop! If you don't already use it I highly recommend the app My Fitness Pal, it's awesome!

  2. Wow. Please, be careful!
    I used to love running... but now I don't have time! Ugh


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