Saturday, May 19, 2012

Welcome to my world!

Hi, there!  It's really nice to meet you all.  My name is Aubrey.  I'm pretty new here, but I think I have a pretty good life so far.  It's not easy being me, but someone has to do it.  Let me show you how I roll. 
So this is my crib.  Pretty sweet, right?  I have all of these cool monkeys all over my wall, and I love staring at them at night.  They're just so interesting.  I know Mommy and Daddy want me to stop looking at them and go to sleep, but why would they put them on the wall if they didn't want me to look at them?  Mommy and Daddy just don't make sense sometimes.
I've got it pretty good here.  My Mommy and Daddy play with me.  I have a nice bed, and cool stuff.  I poop, they change me.  It's a pretty sweet life. 

I don't have any big complaints.  Well, just one....

Every time I wake up, I'm SO hungry.  And it takes them at least five minutes to get my bottle.  I mean, come on!  Is it too much to ask that a bottle be ready at my demand when I'm hungry?  I don't think so!

But luckily they always know exactly how I like my milk.  Or we'd have problems.  But other than that, things are pretty good here.  I love my Mommy and my Daddy.  Sometimes they dress me up in weird outfits and make me dance (Mommy especially - she likes some weird music, and she's always making up songs.)

I love chilling out on my chair.  This is where I have my deep thoughts.

I like my good friend, monkey...she always makes me laugh....

I love playing on my play mat.  There's all this cool stuff and neat colors to look at.  I like it even more when Mommy and Daddy get on the floor with me and play.

But sometimes, though, they trick me and flip me over on my stomach.  I hate tummy time!  Why must they do this to me?  I cry and cry and they keep saying this is important for me or something.  But they don't make me do it forever.  I still hate it, though.

So that's my world.  It's pretty sweet, and I'm learning stuff every day.  I'm a pretty lucky girl.  I'm so lucky this weekend, too.  My whole family is coming just for me.  I get to wear a pretty white dress, and Daddy says something about the me no longer being a heathen.  Not sure what that means, but it sounds fun!

Thanks for stopping by, friends!  It's really nice to meet you all!  Mommy says have a good weekend, too! 


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  1. Nice to meet you, Aubrey! You have the sweetest smile...


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