Monday, May 7, 2012

Motivation Monday!

Motivation Monday

Another week!  In light of last week, I am starting this one with the feeling that it will be a good one.  Starting it off with a little motivation is a good start, right?  So, happy Motivation Monday, folks!  If you haven't participated before, it's super easy.  Just write a post about something that is motivating you this week.  It can be anything at all, even if it is getting up every morning.  (We all need motivation for that, right?)  Link up to my blog in your post, and then just leave a link to your Motivation Monday post in the comments here, and I'll link you up.  And if you can't participate on Monday, no worries...just do it whatever day works!

So, confession time....I fell off the wagon last week. I had reason, though...with the hand, foot and mouth disease and the sores and not being able to walk, I didn't exercise at all.  Not at all, unless you count exercising as shuffling from couch to bathroom and kitchen.  So I have a goal of exercising at least 4 times this week.  T and I have to rotate when we work out with Aubrey's schedule and all.  That involves one of us working out at 5:30 and the other doing that after work.  It's tough with the sleep deprivation but we have to do it.  I mean, I'm training for a 1/2 marathon and T's training for a full one, so that requires training.  So dedication, dedication, dedication!

Also, last week I fell of the diet.  Not proud of it, but there may have been some stress eating.  Chocolate may have been eaten a little more often than needed.  But there's no point in beating myself up about it...just time to move forward.  So my goal is to cut the carbs and sweets this week and focus on eating more veggies and fruits when I'm hungry and looking for a snack.  And stay away from that chocolate...or at least only in emergencies. 

I'm going to hold myself accountable this week and report back to all of you on how I do.  And hopefully no illnesses will take me off track.  So that's my motivation for this week....what's yours?

Can't wait to read them!



  1. I think you have a good reason for "falling off the wagon" I'm just so sorry you got that nasty illness. It is miserable! I hope this week is so much better for you!

    Here is my MM post: Motivation Monday
    Thank you for the reminder!

  2. Hand, foot and mouth sounds awful! Glad you are feeling better and getting back on track. Sometimes we need those little hiccups to remind us to be grateful just for the normal ho-hum days.


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