Friday, May 25, 2012

Hate is a strong word, but I really really really don't like you

Second Blooming

This week's Spin Cycle topic, brought to you byGretchen at Second Bloomings, is one that I absolutely love.  "Things I hate."  T saw the title of the topic and said "this one is for you!"  It's not that I am a hateful person or am filled with hate in my heart by any means.  No, not that at all.  It's just that I should I put this nicely?  I have been known to be bitchy on a few occasions.  Just a few.  Now stop laughing, T.  Maybe just a little impatient and intolerant.  Known to be sarcastic every now and then. 
What can I say?  Things bug me. 
So when I saw the topic was "things I hate," I laughed.  Mostly because it's hard to eliminate that to just a few.  But I'll try.  So, here goes nothing...
The list of things that Nain just absolutely hates:

***Disclaimer - none of these are about anything on the blog!  Nothing about blogging or out in the blogosphere bugs me :-)  So don't think #1 or 2 relate to anything on here.   Far from it!  I love you guys!

1.  Unwanted advice.  Throughout my pregnancy and now that I have a little one, everyone and their second cousin Bob is giving me advice.  And I don't want it.  I never want it.  I never want advice unless I specifically ask for it.   So many times I've wanted to tell people that their unwanted advice has been filed away in the "I don't give a shit" file, but I bite my tongue.  But seriously....I don't like unwanted advice. 
2.  People saying they can relate to something you're going through.  I'm sure that you can relate to something I share with you.  But please don't tell me when I'm telling you something going on with me.  I got this a lot with my pregnancy with all of the scares we had.  Half the time the things that people said they could "relate" to were not even in the same ballpark to what I was telling them.  Just listen to me, that's all I need.  I need to vent.  Don't tell me you can relate, and for the love of God, don't give me advice. 
3.  Okay, onto something unrelated....people who chew with their mouth open.  Close your mouth.  It's gross and no one wants to hear it. 
4.  Slurping noises. 
5.  Movies that have animals talking in them.  And we're not talking cartoons because that's different.  We're talking those movies like Air Bud where they have dubbed a voice with an animals.  It's unnatural and well...annoying.  Dogs can't talk so don't make it look like they can.  It's just creepy in my opinion.
6.  Arrogance - No one is better than anyone else.  No one cares about your car or how much you make or how you've gone to so many vacation destinations.  Don't pop your collar and try to pretend your Mr. Big Shot.  I can usually see right through it, and arrogance just makes me not like a person even more.  In fact it makes me want to emasculate you, which was a hobby I had back in my single days in law school and on.  I actually had a guy brag about how he was in the "cool crowd" in law school.  No lying.  Needless to say, that was the only date.  Arrogance, while it's fun to tear someone down, is an ugly trait.  One that I hate.
7.  People who have stickers of Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes peeing on some sort of logo. 
8.  Nickelback...enough said.
9.  Having to repeat myself.  I get irritated with T on this a lot.  I should probably be a tad more patient on it, but it's something that bugs me. 
10.  People who hurt those I love.  I'm pretty protective of my family and friends, and if you make them cry, I have a sudden urge to make you cry.  A lot.  I don't hate too many people or really anyone...except for one particular man who hurt someone in my family.  To me, he embodies all that is evil, and I just...well, honestly, I hate him. 
11.  Wedding shows - I wasn't a huge fan of wedding planning, and I didn't have all of these preconceived ideas of what I wanted.  I would have been happy getting married on a beach, just T and me.  So shows like "Say Yes to the Dress" bug me.  Some of these women are just too entitled.  Makes me want to remind them that 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. 
12.  Lastly, this one is a serious one and one from my days working as a child abuse attorney.  People who abuse or neglect your children.  Under no circumstances is any of that ever okay.  People like that don't deserve to have children. 
So that's my list of things I hate.  Not a comprehensive list, but I figure 12 is enough, right?  Some of them aren't too serious, and some of them are extremely serious.  Thanks, Gretchen, for letting me vent! 




  1. Do those first two bug you in connection with your blog? I'm just curious because I feel like people in blog-land want to try to relate to you & talk advice and such as a way to get to know you better or help or feel connected with you since they don't really know you in real life. If those two things bug you in relation to what you are blogging about I must apologize because I'm sure I have bugged you at some point in the past, so sorry for that. I am curious now so please, what are your thoughts on this? : )

  2. I agree with you on number 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 9 (I get angry with MJ because of this!), 10 and 12. hahaha

  3. Oh, no no no - not talking about the blog! Talking about real life - no worries, Sarah!

  4. I TOTALLY relate to all of that, so let me tell you what you need to do...KIDDING. All excellently horrible things. I'm happy to give you the chance to vent!

    You are linked!

  5. Such a great list of things to hate! Venting is a good thing. ;)

  6. Numbers 3 and 4...totally with you and I'll add gum popping. I CANNOT STAND THAT SOUND! #5 -- I am scarred by that damn black dog in Son of Sam. Numbers 10 and 12!


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