Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend Recap

I love it when I get long weekends to spend with my family.  I miss T and Aubrey so much during the week, so getting that extra day to be with them is just wonderful. With all of the chaos from the last two weekends, we decided to just take it easy this past weekend.  Just the three of us.  We started it Saturday with T doing some yard work while Aubrey hit Target with me and hung out with me while I cleaned like a mad woman.  See, we  had the family over the previous weekend, and our house desperately needed it.  It was hilarious because I had her set up in her little bouncy chair and she just kept watching me go back and forth as I did my A.D.D. version of cleaning, probably thinking "what is this crazy woman doing?"  We went to church that evening, where Aubrey started getting fussy (a sign of things to come below), so that wasn't so fun.

Side note:  I get so irritated with people who give us dirty looks during church when she fusses.  We're not that family that refuses to take our kid out when she starts crying.  As soon as she starts fussing loudly enough, she's out in the narthex of the church with one of us so as to not disturb everyone else.  But this past weekend she just wasn't having it.  We had an elderly couple who came in after us and chose to sit behind us, but it was clear we were annoying them.  Um, hello...don't sit behind a family with a baby if you get annoyed with crying babies. And we had to leave directly after communion because she was so fussy.  T was struggling to get crying Aubrey into her car seat outside the church when a lady walked by, looked right at me, and rolled her eyes.  Seriously?  She's three months.  Babies cry.  Deal with it.

Okay, off my rant now...

So that fussy period at church was a sign of things to come...that night Aubrey had a terrible night sleeping.  She was up every two hours and seemed warm, but I attributed it to the fact that it was incredibly hot out this weekend and her room can get a little stuffy because of its location in the house.  However, she was still warm Sunday morning so we took her temperature, and the poor thing had a fever.  This was her first fever for us, so of course we were worried as most new parents are.  We cancelled the plans to go to IU that day and instead went out to breakfast and then out to Target to purchase a better thermometer.  We had one but seriously, this thing took about three minutes to give a temperature reading.  And the doctor wanted us to have a rectal thermometer...or as T called it "an anal thermometer," which later became "an anal probe."  Oh, T...

We took it easy during the day Sunday, but then Sunday evening, her fever got a little higher, and the poor thing got more and more uncomfortable.  By the time it got to her bed time, she was just inconsolable.  All I could do was hold her and rock her, just letting her cry.  And her cries weren't the ones we normally  here.  You could just tell she felt awful.  Both T and I were near tears at points, but when it got to time to give her more Tylenol around nine, she finally sent to sleep and slept until 5 a.m.  I actually woke up at 5 a.m., took one look at the clock, panicked and we immediately went into the other room to check on her.  She was just fine - probably worn out from feeling so sick.  Poor kiddo...this gets easier, right?

Luckily, Miss Aubrey was feeling much better in the morning.  She was back to her smiling and cooing...made Mommy and Daddy so happy to see her more like herself. 

We didn't do much on Memorial Day...I planted some flowers for outside, T put together my new running stroller, and we just hung out.  It wasn't a glamorous weekend, but it was nice...barring the whole Aubrey being sick thing, of course!

Hope you all have wonderful holiday weekends!


  1. Poor baby (she may be teething like you suspected, I don't know if you read my response to your comment but little Norah had 4 teeth by the time she was 4 months) and YES it does get easier and harder and easier and harder again :) They just like to keep you guessing!

  2. Babies will take you on the roller coaster ride daily, sometimes hourly. Glad to know she feels better now.

  3. Tag! You're it!

  4. Aw, sick babies are never fun. Luckily, they never actually feel the rectal thermometer so I liked that more than the ear one we have now. :-)

  5. At the risk of sounding like giving advice, just wait until teething sets in... one of mine got an earache with each tooth for a while!


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