Monday, May 21, 2012

Glass half full

Motivation Monday

Back to another week, another Monday, which means another Motivation Monday!  To recap from last week, I'm afraid I did a poor job of staying on task.  I'm not sure if problem with keeping focus has gotten worse, but...I need to try that one again this week.  So that motivation will carry on from last week, but that doesn't mean I won't try to have another one this week. 

Last week, Jen at the Misadventures of Mrs. B wrote a wonderful post about having an attitude of gratitude. I have to admit, I don't always take time in my day to appreciate the blessings I have in my life and truly be grateful when I should be grateful.  You all know pretty well that I may or may not be a pessimistic person.  I'm certainly no optimist, and I often let myself get bogged down during the day by all the "crap" that gets thrown my way.  I don't take the time to think "yeah, that sucked, but what about this part?  That was really wonderful."  Usually the sentence ends with the word "sucks."  And maybe throw in a few expletives there. 

I really should work on changing that.  Sure, there will be parts of the day and of life that just suck.  But not everything is the end of the world, and if I let all of the bad cloud my vision of what is good in my life, I'll do nothing but make my life miserable.  And really, who wants to live like that? 

I'm so grateful for so much - my husband, our beautiful little girl, our home, my health, my family...but also for the little things like the first cup of coffee in the morning, the smell of freshly-baked cookies, getting into bed right after you wash the sheets and they are still warm, the satisfaction of accomplishing everything you want to do in a day, the taste of a properly poured Guinness, the feeling I get in my heart still when T holds my hand or hugs me. 

I'd like to take the time to notice and actually point these things out in my daily life.  So this week at least I am going to pick at least one thing for which I am grateful each day.  I won't write it in my posts, but I promise, I'll be accountable!  If you are on Twitter, follow me on #viewfromnain, and I'll post what I'm grateful for on there. 

What about you?  What's motivating you this week?  If you want to participate, write up a post about what is motivating you this week, link up to my blog in your post, and then leave your link in a comment, and I'll link you up! 

Lastly, I'm grateful for you guys!  I appreciate all of you who read my blog, especially those who leave comments!  Have a great day!


  1. Personally, I am staring down a four day weekend and a great adventure to go with it, so I am motivated to get this entire week out of the way!

  2. You DO have that beautiful daughter of yours :). I'm afraid I've been bogged down in the crap the last few weeks - thank you for the reminder to be grateful because I really am truly blessed - just need to stop and remember :)


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